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(Screen fades from black showing a kitchen as the music starts up. Dot, dressed in a lavender robe, walks into the room holding a tea kettle.)

Male Background Singers (Off-screen): ♪Who can turn the stove on with her smile?♪

(Dot shows her teeth as she smiles. As she winks at the camera, the oven starts to burn. Then we cut to Dot bathing.)

♪Who can take a bubble bath, (Dot pulls out a box of crocodiles and dumps them in the tub) and suddenly fill it with crocodiles?♪

(We cut to the background singers singing by the creek as Dot skips up to a TNT plunger beside them)

Male Background Singers (On-screen): ♪'Cause it's you, Dot! And you should know it!♪

(Dot shakes her butt to the camera to the music, then puts her hand on the handle.)

♪Put nitro on a bridge,♪

(Dot pushes the handle down and blows up the bridge)

♪go ahead and blow it!♪

(We cut to a muddy roadway. Some background singers can be seen behind the people who get splashed with mud by Dot. She hops into the shot from the right.)

♪Mud is all around, I guess it's spring.♪

(We cut to Dot in bed reading a newspaper with Elvis on the front page. She later faces the screen smiling.)





Male Background Singers: ♪Name another crooner other than King.♪

Background Singer #1: Me.

(We cut to Dot and her boyfriend on the streets. Only Background Singer is shown on-screen.)

Background Singer #1 (On-screen) and other Background Singers (Off-screen): ♪Don't throw your hat up in the air!♪

(Dot throws her beret up as Ralph the Guard pops his head out from behind a building. Then he sneaks up on Dot from behind as the Background Singers hold their long note. Then we cut up to Background Singer's crew pushing a giant fridge off the building they were standing on. We cut back to Dot as Ralph is about to snatch her. Ralph gets crushed by the fridge.)

Background Singer #1 (On-screen) and other Background Singers (Off-screen): ♪'Cause what might land is a Frigidaire!♪♪

(During their final note, Background Singer looks up and gives a thumbs up to his friends. And we cut to the other background singers on top of the building.)

Background Singer #1 (Off-screen) and other Background Singers (On-screen): Dot!

(On the final note, we cut to Dot until the screen fades to black.)