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This is a candidate for deletion. If you disagree with it's deletion, please explain why it just can't be deleted at Category talk:Candidates for deletion. If you can improve the page to the point where it's quality is good, please do so and remove this template. Thank you! Dok Varner (voiced by Jordan Nagai) is the youngest and the only boy of the Varner sister She wears a red dress instead of a pink dress.

giving him the title the Varner brother, ocansionally the 3rd Warner brother

due to his odd behavior


Dok Varner was born to Suki Varner (nee' Mukashon) a famous Japanese anime cartoon star and an unnamed father in 1989 or 1990 and the youngest of 3 children along with his sisters Wokka and Dok.He was orphaned when he was only 2 or 3 when her parents went on a fishing trip and never came back.Wokka and her brother Dok hid in an alley in San Fransisco for a year ,but then re-located to Sunside orphanage ,but they got out because they had too many rejections and joined Yakko,Wakko,Dot,and the other former Animaniacs co-satrs at 1at they denied it ,but then they let them stick around for a while.It was mentioed back to The Warner's future that he's married to Dot and is unknown if they had any children and the red skirt


Her and his sisters were created in the 1962 to replace the Warners ,but Terminte Terrance was closed before they could make a single cartoon (see the Animaniacs episode Back in style) and was living a home for former cartoon child stars before they met The Warners.They latered co-starred with them in Around the World in 80 Warners ,but production was closed befrre they could shoot the final scene so they never found out who won the race and were put the warner vault (an obvious pardoy of the Disney vault) for the next 34 years until Animaniacs the movie was filmed and in honor of their massive sucess However in the episode Yokko denies that back story meaning that it could be a diffrent canon than their offical story. Dok Varner met Dot Warner when he got married.