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Devil Daddy Supreme Lord of Hell: Lucifer Von Satan Beelzebub is an entity that lives within the mind of Jakko aka Mars Warner, Originally created to play out imaginary scenarios in his mind, he manifested into reality and became the prettiest girl at the party. He was so ugly, that everyone at the party instantly died.


Devil Daddy is tall and lanky with rippling abs and bulging muscles and a big round juicy ass that shines bright like a diamond. In fact it shines so bright that Rihanna tried to steal it for her music video. He has sleek majestic goat legs that allow him to prance around like a graceful ballerina, or Bambi after learning that his mother died. His tiny penis is bigger than Shrek's bulbous veiny horse cock and drags on the ground all day because he is a nudist, and also a satanist. because he lacks feet of his own he adores everyone else's feet and his constantly on the prowl for new toes to consume.


Devil Daddy is a Scientology enthusiast but also a satanist, due to this he only shops at hot topic. He's really into bdsm and bondage because he is a faithful Christian woman and also a top, but only ever bottoms. He's shown to be really loving to his son ZakKo Warner despite him being so ugly.


Devil Daddy was brought to life by his one true love, Jakko (Mars) Warner because he believed so hard that he was real. He immediately skipped to hell and killed the real Satan, taking over the role and turning Hell into a giant bdsm brothel. A few years later he and Mars introduced their only son, ZakKo Warner to the world- who was so ugly all the nurses and doctors in the hospital died.


  • After Devil Daddy took over hell, he became interested in observing the living before they go to hell. his favorite so far is Winston Renraw. Who is guilty for shooting people, destroying the environment with nukes, nuking people, flashing people in public, physical assault, and providing alcohol to children.
  • His negative influence may have caused the creation of Wakkass, a hideous hybrid of Warner and human who exists due to questionable and illegal circumstances.
  • Devil Daddy had a secret affair with Dracula from the Animaniacs show, they had kinky bald sex.
  • Minerva was removed from the show after making a deal with Devil Daddy and not keeping her end of the bargain- causing her to be dragged to the hell bdsm brothel.
  • Abby Yarner is his illegitimate child he had with Dakko's wife.
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