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Darlene (2023).

Darlene Shrivernecker is the female Darnol Shrivernecker from the Minerva Mink comic, "Minks is Finks", and a character from the genderbent series, created by VampireMeerkat.

She was one of Manfred Mink's many crushes and the two dated for a short time. She's a foreign supermodel and movie star he showed golden patience for, until he again ended things over Newlyn Schnappsie.

Artwork of Darlene was conceived in 2017, but never finished or given an official upload. Though it was posted online by other users, it wasn't until February 22, 2023, that Darlene got properly introduced at Deviantart.

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Darlene was born in Austria and raised in an extremely poor and strict household. Her relationship with her mother was subpar, who made it no secret she preferred her older sister over her. Though it long remained a mystery, she confessed to her years later to believe she wasn't her husband's daughter, but that of a fling she lost all affection for. Darlene's relationship with her father had always been good, making it apparent he never had any suspicions.
Despite everything, Darlene was known by her surroundings as a cheerful child with a great sense of humor.

Her mother put alot of value in beauty and wanted both her daughters to win competitions for the fame and prize money. As time passed, Darlene's interest in the world of modelling grew and she became fully emerged, though it did not strengthen the bond with her mother and sister. When they passed away in a car accident, Darlene's memories of her abusive past made her not want to attend their funeral.

Her hard work paid off, and after winning second place in a prominent beauty pageant, she was able to leave her homeland and chase new opportunities in America. She continued winning second place, until a coach offered her services to the rising star. Darlene had little money and was allowed to stay at her house, where the residing family gave her the love and respect she had long missed out on. She slowly picked up the English language and continued training for that perfect body that would finally earn her first place.

When she turned 20, she kept winning gold and began pining for an even greater achievement; to become an actress. Her modelling career had caught the world's attention, and though many movie studios thought her accent, distracting body, and average acting skills would be too much of a challenge to work with, she was used in all the right projects and became the star she dreamt of becoming.

Manfred was a fan of hers and met her in person at a Californian beach, while trying to escape two intrusive, enamoured lifeguards. He was dressed as a scones saleswoman, but when he revealed himself, his good looks were enough to swoon Darlene. The two hit it off right away and -according to the phone psychic Manfred consulted earlier that day- were meant for each other.
Their relationship was of little substance, though, as Darlene's limited English didn't allow for deep conversation. Manfred was kind to her, but much like with Wilfreda Wolf, the restrictive relationship would quickly lose its appeal and had come to an end before Manfred's holiday concluded;

Newlyn Schnappsie's owner was on holiday in California as well, and with Newlyn being off the clock, a familiar sense of dissatisfaction washed over Manfred when she settled on celebrating her well-deserved break, opposed to chasing him down. Every minor interaction she had with a man got on his nerves, and Newlyn's more relaxed behaviour made her surroundings treat her more kindly as well, only raising Manfred's suspicion she was being pursued.

When Manfred dumped Darlene, she became distraught over the thought she still wasn't beautiful enough, and he inadvertently fed her already obsessive quest to perfection.
In a strange twist, she ended up getting voted into office as California's governor.


Darlene has a carefree, almost simple personality, whose superstardom turned her "seemingly" vain. She needs constant confirmation about her appearance, though this is a more likely result of her late mother's treatment, not an attempt to brag.
Despite her strenuous childhood -or perhaps thanks to- she has an optimistic, strong willingness to follow her aspirations, whatever they may be.

Her little understanding of English enables her to speak only short sentences, always littered with German/Austrian terms, making it sound like she's being impatient with people or has nothing of substance to share.


Darlene is an anthropomorphic mink of 35 years old. She's tall, curvy, has white fur, thick lips, small eyes, short blonde hair, and a poofy blonde tail. She wore a blue bikini when Manfred met her at the beach and blue eyeshadow.



  • The original character is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger;
    • Her backstory is based on Schwarzenegger's past.

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