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Dakko Leonard Warner (sometimes called John Warner) was born on June 5th 1970 and died on January 4th 2020 with Samantha Warner (wife)

His children are Sikko Warner , Makko Warner, Rokko Warner and Pakko Warner

His childhood was tough, Warnerstock was being invaded by Czechoslovakia, so he escaped to North Carolina in the United States. Then in 2016 they moved to Acme Acres , California, After he died, his children moved to the Warner Brothers Water Tower in Burbank, California.

His child , Pakko Warner in 2018 went missing , Later on Dakko’s business trip, he found Pakko in New Zealand in Davidson and he brought Pakko home. But Dakko went missing with Samantha Warner in 2020 and later the Huckels murdered them. Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner and Dot Warner is taking care of them.