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Clifford wolf

Normal and transformed Clifford (2023).

Clifford Deon Wolf is an Animaniacs fancharacter and the younger brother of the genderbent Wilford Wolf, created by VampireMeerkat.

He's an attractive young man who suffers a classic variant of the werewolf curse; and will turn large and beastly when exposed to the light of a full moon. There's no explanation given for his condition, which differs in severity compared to the rest of his family.

He dated Newlyn Schnappsie for a while and was in the rare position of being Manfred Mink's rival, who in his jealousy enacted a scheme that made her believe Clifford was after her life.

The character was conceived on January 12, 2023, and artwork first uploaded at Deviantart on the 19th.

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Clifford shares a home with his parents and three sisters, and comes from a cursed lineage that carries a peculiar werewolf gene that swaps the physical attractiveness of the bearer. His otherwise normal, but geeky family turns beautiful under the light of a full moon, while he experiences the opposite in the most extreme sense and becomes feral.

He was born a whole day later than his sisters and lived out a stressful childhood. Even though a full moon only lasts for roughly three nights every month, living creatures had to be avoided whenever his other side took over. Clifford hoped that becoming a good person would make his beast self less ruthless and figured he had to mature sooner than everybody else.
He had become remarkably kind and independent before hitting puberty -a notorious period of life he feared the most. His genuine attempts appeared to have some effect; and in situations he failed to hide in time, he was able to steer his body away from crowds. This still didn't reassure him he could be trusted, and thus, he chose the life of a loner.

When his sister started dating Manfred, he often noticed Newlyn hiding outside while they visited the family home. He believed she was a friend of either Manfred or his sister's, and after a while, chose to head over and invite her in, saying there was no reason for her to wait outside every time. Newlyn's absence of clothes then sparked the misconception she was hiding out of embarrassment after some mishap, so he hurried her inside and gifted some of Wilfreda's attire.
Newlyn was not given the chance to explain anything to the flustered man then, but clarified to be a stranger many times afterwards. Manfred and Wilfreda confirmed she was not a friend of theirs, but Clifford insisted she stayed, since they had already poured her tea. His hospitable family didn't care to interrogate her on the reason of her presence or prior nudity, and to Manfred's dismay, she was allowed to stick around.
Newlyn became a close family friend, with Clifford feeling even closer to her.

Her growing relationship with the handsome Clifford did not evade Manfred, who already felt insecure in the wolf's presence. Him grabbing the full attention of his number one fan greatly annoyed him.
Having to be nice to the dopey, boring Wilfreda was already tiresome and seeing Newlyn not care about him anymore made him jealous. His own relationship was losing its appeal and he became set on breaking up with Wilfreda and ruining Newlyn's happiness as well.

As Clifford was embarrassed of his transformation and Wilfreda had entrusted Manfred with the details, he decided to use it to scare off Newlyn by enacting a fake attack on her -supposedly conducted by the transformed brother. Clifford watched his love interest flee for his appearance, and as hoped, took it as a rejection and didn't pursue her.

No one suspected Manfred, who further used the situation as an excuse to break up with Wilfreda, informing her he did not to want to associate with a family of savages who attempted to murder "his friend".


Despite how he looks, Clifford is calm, polite, hospitable, though also intelligent. He likes butting in on the random debates his parents and siblings have during the day about math problems and science trivia, even though he's always shown comparatively little interest in school.
Though his extreme focus on becoming a kind person may seem like it's a facade, to have made this choice when he was just a preschooler turned it into a real part of himself, though it's equally so a sign it already was.

He appears carefree, but is disgusted by his other self and always makes sure to avoid the moon. The only people who know about it are his family, who keep it a secret out of respect. Generally speaking, close outsiders aren't even informed and instead made to believe he turns short and geeky.
When transformed, he loses his capability of speech and acts like a crazed animal, yet it's implied he's very much conscious inside and able to keep his mind from slipping if the incentive is there.

Clifford is incredibly lonely, but grateful to have a family to confide in, who he loves dearly. An easy way to flatter him is through them; and those who show his outcast sisters the most basic level of respect will receive more in return.
Before Wilfreda acquired Manfred, every one of them struggled to find love. While Clifford's looks and personality are not the issue, he has a particular type he likes and important standards set for the girl, as he knows the secret of his other self can't be casually shared, which will have to happen eventually.


Clifford is an anthropomorphic wolf of 20 years old. When himself, he's muscular with dark-grey fur, but a light face, fingers, and clawed feet. His nose is dark-red and his eyes a pale green.
He has dark hair, eyebrows, and sideburns, and a dark-furred neck, nose bridge, elbow tufts, and stripe going down his back and chest. He wears a yellowish sleeveless shirt and ripped, greenish-blue pants that are partially held together with safety pins.

When transformed, he becomes large and bipedal. His waist is small and looks somewhat starved, he has large clawed paws, a dark stripe on his back, long fangs, voluminous light-coloured manes travelling over his stomach, a long tail in the same colour, and dark, long, pointy ears. He loses whatever attire he was wearing prior.

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