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Clash of the Cousins is the 20a episode of Animaniacs.


When Minerva's city cousin Miranda come to the forest, she became the eye candy to all male animals (even Newt) So Minerva plans to get rid of her once and for all.


The episode begins with Minerva coming home from a 1/4-mile jog in the forest, while she not only caused a few male animals to go crazy for her but also ruined another Newt's plan to get her fur. As she entered her log home and prepared to take a shower, she discovers a message in her answering machine and believe it to be another guy asking her out, but when she press the button, a female voice came out of the machine.

Hey Cuz, it's me Miranda! listen I got the weekend off from my job at the Boutique and since we haven't seen each other since we were 12, I was thinking I come see you, bye!

After hearing the message, Minerva was disgusted as she remembered Miranda when she was 12. Minerva looked through her old album to find a picture of both of them when they were young, with Minerva looking cute at 12 while Miranda, who has red hair in the form of pigtails, big thick glasses, braces on her teeth, a lisp voice and a trait to snort. Minerva then had a fantasy where she believes that once people see her with her cousin, they wouldn't found her attractive anymore. As Minerva prepared to pack and go into hiding until the weekend's over, she heard a knock on the door, she opened it to reveal an attractive red-fur mink, sporting a dark navy blouse, with matching black skirt and knee-high boots and her hair in a Hime cut style, the mink then said, "What's up Cuz!" and gave her a hug. As Minerva wondered who this Mink is, she reveals herself as Miranda. Minerva then looked at the old photo and compare the two Mirandas and looked in awe as she couldn't believe what happen to her.  Miranda revealed that after she moved to the city, she got contacts, her braces removed, new hairstyle and new clothes.

Minerva couldn't believe how much her cousin change. Miranda told Minerva what they are going to do this weekend. Minerva told her that's the first thing they are going to do going to the spa for a facial.  as they headed out, they pass through the same male animals from earlier today, however they started to act more crazier than before upon seeing Miranda. Just then Newt arrived to capture Minerva again; however, upon seeing Miranda, Newt started to ignore Minerva and decided to go after Miranda instead. Enraged Minerva decides to take matters in her own hands.

First when she and Miranda prepared to get a bit of a tan, Minerva notice that Newt has set a trap above where Miranda would be; a giant net but before Miranda was about to sit down on the lawn chair, Minerva told her to switch, and she got trapped instead and pleaded with Newt to let her go but Newt set her free as she didn't want her fur but her cousin.