CS 1
Name: Christina Anne Spencer (later Warner)

Age: 16

Birthdate: October 10

Eyes: Aqua blue

Hair: light pink

Occupation: Plotz' personal secretary

Likes: sports, painting, singing, writing and taking walks

Dislikes: King Salazar

Introduction Edit

Christina Anne Spencer is a teenage girl who is Plotz' personal secretary and a friend of the Warners.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Christina's past. When she was six years old, her parents died in a fire, and she has no known relatives. So, she was placed in an orphange, until she came of age to live on her own. During her time there, she engaged herself in illegal gaming to earn money. She also studied the art of gambling, and became a pickpocket, stealing when she knew she could get away with it.

Early-Mid Teens Edit

When Christina was 16 years old, and when she saved up enough money to buy a plane ticket, she snuck out of the orphange, and went to Burbank, CA to look for work in order to survive. When she discovered that the CEO of Warner Brothers needed a personal secretary, she applied for the job. Due to her take no for answer nature and willingness to work, she was hired on the spot. As Plotz personal secretary, she ran several errands for him, including laundry and getting his coffee.

The Warners Themselves Edit

Christina first met Yakko, Wakko and Dot when they terrorized her and trashed her office, and took it upon themsleves to make her their new "special friend." At first, Christina was none too happy, since the damages enraged Plotz and he told her that her paychecks for three months would be used to cover the damages (Hello Nurse offered Christina to live with her until the damages were paid off). She would often refer to the Warners as pests, and demanded that a deadbolt be put on her office door, but to no avail. The Warners still came and still caused much chaos and havoc.

Later on, she finds out that Plotz wants her to deliver a package to Disneyland and the Warners were only ones who were free to accomany her. Christina, who was very displeased at the thought, didn't like the idea of the Warners coming with her, but she knew she could not refuse if she wanted to earn some money. On the way, Christina found the Warners to be kind of funny, if not extremly annoying. She began to enjoy Yakko's social and talkative nature, Wakko's weird personality, and Dot's confidant character. They also apologized for screwing Christinas job up those first few months. So, the Warner and Christina became friends.

Relationships Edit


Christina and Plotz are strictly on a boss/worker level. Although she doesn't really like Plotz, she still has no problem working for him.

Hello Nurse:

Christina and Hello Nurse are considered to be very good friends. When Hello Nurse offered Christina to live with her during the three months where the damages done by the Warners had to be paid by using her pay checks for three months, Christina developed respect for the blonde. It was also Hello Nurse who helped Christina find her own apartment.

Dr. Scratchnsniff:

Scratchy and Christina are on a doctor patient level, but they too have become friends. Christina likes him because of his good ability to listen and willingness to help others, and the doctor likes her for her strong willed personality and kind nature.

The Warners:

At first, Christina found them incredoubly annoying and threatened to beat them up if they ever messed with her or her job ever again. However, the more they hung out, the more she grew to like them.

Yakko: Christina developed a huge crush on Yakko Warner, but never told him due to the competion she had with Hello Nurse (the nurse seemed to have no interest in the overly zealous male). The two are very close and respect one another greatly.

Wakko: Christina and Wakko are also friends, but not nearly as close as she and Wakko. She enjoys his company, and thinks of him, like all three siblings, to be very funny.

Dot: Christina and Dot are not close at all, but they nonetheless like eachother. However, their strong and confidant personalites and vicious tempers sometimes clash, and results are devastating.

Appearance Edit

Christina is about 5'1" and has light pink hair that she wears in a high pony tale, and aqua blue eyes. Her regular clothing consists of a blue skirt and two flat knee high boots. On top, she wears a purple tube top and a sky blue vest. Around her head is a black and white polka dotted headband. In her work clothes, she has her pink hair piled up into a bun, and clips her bangs to the side of her face. She also wears a knee length skirt, black high heels, a white button down shirt, a pinstripe red vest, and black tie.

Personality Edit

Christina is very kind and compasionate, but she also has her flaws. For instance, when she was younger, she had no problem with stealing from others in order to get what she wanted. Although she knew it was wrong, she justifies her actions by saying that stealing was the only way to earn money, since no one would hire a child to work, and even if they did, the orphange prohibited the orphans from working to make a little money. Another flaw that she has is that she will lie to get herself out of a sticky situation. She can also be ill tempered, and will resort to violence when provoked. All in all, she is a very sweet girl who is just trying to survive all on her own.