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Chell Warner is the youngest, girliest member of the Dakko Warner family and later, the Ragtag Warners Nine. She gets her first prominent role in Megalomaniacs, where she performs in the musical number explaining the concepts of Dao and also Yin and Yang.


Chell was born in 2002, the youngest of five children to Dakko Warner, after twins Makko and Rokko, and solo children Pakko and Jot, in Ontario, Canada. Because of so many contenders trying to assassinate the family and take the throne for themselves, Chell has never been to her family's homeland, as it was never safe. Eventually they were tracked and their parents massacred, forcing them, like their cousins, to flee and adopt commoners' lives. Chell herself was separated from her siblings and grew up in Central Europe.

Zany to the Max[]

Presently no information of value is available so far.


Chell permanently rejoined her siblings and cousins and their human advisor after fifteen long years of hardship and worry. She swore she would let nothing else force her to leave her beloved family, and also revealed that in addition to singing and dancing, she could charm her way out of trouble.

After Wakko attempted suicide several days later, Chell and Rohan stayed by his side, vowing not to let him die again (he had died before, in the original Animaniacs.) Soon they got into a food fight started by Yakko, and a pie that Chell threw flew right past Wakko and hitting a Huckel heavy soldier in the face. They promptly pointed miniguns and katushka launchers at the nine impudent toons, whence Chell tempted fate by charming them into sparing their lives. They barely made it through the event and Dot was so terrified that she insisted on tutoring Chell for future 'charm' moments.


Chell wears a baby blue dress, in full manifestation of her extreme femininity, even wearing both her hair and ears in pigtails. She talks with the highest-pitched voice in what sounds like a Belgian or even a Swiss accent to different people, which is rather ironic for her.


Chell is very timid and will often cry if frightened or hurt. On the flip side, she may act boisterous during a ball game or food fight as she really loves to have fun. She has the most respect for her sister Jot and brother Rokko, due to their willingness and effectiveness to protect and mentor her. Due to this, she will sometimes talk with a Mexican accent instead.


  • Chell initially looked like a Dot clone, as her first draft wore a pink dress.
  • She is the only girl without the big tufts of hair behind her cheeks that form a cat-like appearance.
  • Chell's favourite pastime is to build sand castles.
  • Chell has several classic phobias characteristic of the girliest girls, including arachnophobia, claustrophobia, and ophidiophobia, among others.