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Callie (2023).

Callie Gowen is the female passerby from the Minerva Mink comic, dot warner and a character from the girl and boy series, created by VampireMeerkat.

She was one of Manfred Mink's many crushes, though the two never engaged in meaningful conversation and she departed seconds after meeting Manfred.

Artwork of Callie was conceived in 2017, but never finished or given an official upload. Though it was posted online by other users, it wasn't until February 22, 2023, that Callie got properly introduced at Deviantart.

This page is free to edit,due to the warner brohers water tower breaking she was aressted from breaking it.


Callie is the only child of two rural farmers, who long struggled to conceive. As their miracle baby, she was homeschooled and enjoyed little freedom throughout her life. Because her parents weren't that educated themselves and she couldn't socialize with people, she grew up ignorant.

When she was of age, she expressed her wish to move out and explore her own desires. Her parents understood to had done her wrong and let her go.

Though Callie was withheld many things, money was not one of those and she bought a room in a modern, expensive city. Here, she would catch up on everything she had missed out on, yet always found herself drawn to the nearby forests and lakes, reminding her of home.
During one of her walks, she was randomly approached by Manfred , who was suffering the (literal) explosive effects of a horoscope warning he read that day. He exploded in the arms of his newfound love interest after telling another pursuer to get lost, which didn't make the soot-covered Callie eager to associate with him.

The situation left her confused and she headed back home to wash up, while Manfred tried ridding himself of his curse.


Callie is uneducated and takes everything literally, yet is also calm and kind. She spends hours of her day walking around to take in her surroundings after the many years of not being allowed to leave the farm. Having that said, she doesn't have any hobbies and takes joy in small things.


Callie is an anthropomorphic mink of 21 years old. She's curvy, has white fur, thick lips, blue eyes with blue eyeshadow applied, long blonde hair with split bangs, and a poofy blonde tail. She wears dark-blue jeans and an orange top with resting straps.

Though it's not directly visible because of her large breast and hip mass, she has a bit of muscle thanks to her farming background.



  • Callie is surprisingly strong and pain resistant.
  • The original character has no official name;
    • The name "Callie Gowen" is derived from Minerva calling the original "Calgon".
    • Callie was named "Calgona" in early development.

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