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Bayley (2023).

Bayley Lugge is the female candy seller Minerva was competing against in the Minerva Mink comic, "Booth Bait", and is a character from the genderbent series, created by VampireMeerkat.

She was one of Manfred Mink's many crushes, though the two never engaged in meaningful conversation and Manfred was asked to leave the building before they could.

Artwork of Bayley was conceived in 2017, but never finished or given an official upload. Though it was posted online by other users, it wasn't until February 22, 2023, that Bayley got properly introduced at Deviantart.

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Bayley is the daughter of an underage mother from Germany -and presumably underage father- and was adopted by Americans. The details of her real family have not been preserved well, even so, she's never had the desire to find out more about the people who let her go. Her adoption and foreign roots were never kept a secret, which made it easy to accept she wasn't biologically related to her caregivers.

As a child, she mostly kept to herself and spent her time reading. She was well-liked by everyone, yet there wasn't anyone Bayley could call a friend.

Her foster mother one day asked for a favour, since a friend of hers needed a face for their candy company at an event called "The Widset Expo". As it was Germanic European-based, she believed her German daughter would be ideal, despite Bayley's remark that being born from German parents didn't automatically make her understand or relate to the culture. This was waved off with the claim Americans don't care for those kind of details, and proven right when her mother's friend eagerly welcomed her on board with fake German utterings.
Nevertheless, Bayley wasn't asked to put on an act, and the only requirements were to wear a fitting costume and be hospitable.

Meanwhile, Manfred was recruited by the Fluffy Nummy Yum-Yum company to represent their booth, since they were in need of an eyecatcher with all the competition going on. He eventually spotted Bayley in the booth next to his and was immediately smitten by her. Because he was being watched by his bosses and still had a job to do, he distracted his potential customers with "free" merchandise, causing the area to enter a frenzy. This gave him time to approach Bayley, who was more concerned with the sudden racket.

Manfred's carelessness caused the company to go bankrupt over their lost merchandise, the lawsuits over the lies Manfred has spread about the product, and the destruction it lead to the event and building itself. He was fired on the spot and never saw Bayley again.


Bailey is a friendly, mellow character, greatly liked by everyone she meets. She enjoys being by herself and often is, but is socially open and has never turned someone away.

She's not one to get discouraged or stressed out, and her naturally calm state of mind makes it easy for her to get her bearings in new situations. She's never been seen angry or notably sad, which worries her adoptive parents, who believe she might be faking her emotions for their sake, yet Bailey has never wished for anything to supposedly change that.


Bayley is an anthropomorphic mink of 30 years old. She's curvy, has white fur, long blonde hair with a large frontal cowlick, blue eyes, and a thin blonde tail. She carries a consistent relaxed expression.

When she met Manfred, she was dressed in a stereotypical German outfit, since she represented a European candy company.



  • The original character has no official name;
    • The name "Bayley Lugge" is derived from Minerva exclaiming "bay-bee" and calling the original a "(big) lug".
    • Bayley was named "Luna" in early development.

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