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Background Singer is another one of the main focuses of "Animaniacs". He's the hero of the franchise who was created by 321SPONGEBOLT (Me) on June 26, 2011, just three days after the creation of Wizard Waldo.


Before he became Background Singer, he was born as Waldo's younger brother Egon. Egon was born just as his parents were about to die, and for years has been overly protected by his brother, Waldo. When he reached his early 20s, he saw the Warners in the woods, and sings off-screen. Egon liked singing with the Warners day by day and feels he must know more about them. He tells Waldo this, but his brother reprimands him and forces him in confinement as he tells him that the world is a dark cruel place. Later that night though, he cleverly escaped in the middle of the night by making a hair potion to cover his birthmark (which is like Waldo's, but with the compass pointing east). In disguise, he dressed up as one of Waldo's night patrol guards and foretold the future of the water tower falling where Egon is standing. So he marks where he's standing and makes a decoy of his feet, then leaves for the city of Burbank California. When he's out in public, Egon is smart enough to vow never to use his magic in case he runs into trouble, this way nobody gets scared of him or calls him a freak. By restraining his abilities, he starts to blend in with the human race and starts changing his name from Egon to Background Singer after joining a group of street performers who gave him his trademark hat and suit. When Background Singer and the others performed on stage, the Warner siblings were watching, and Dot fell in love with him. At first, Background Singer didn't seem interested in Dot, but after she unintentionally hurt herself, Background Singer tries holding his laugh in, until Dot encouraged him to laugh, and Background Singer found love. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot all agree to let Background Singer stay with them in the water tower, and Background Singer would soon meet the staff of his new home, Warner Bros. Studios.


Besides singing for movies and film, and doing concert gigs, Background Singer is also Dot's personal butler because of how much he loves her. He also serves as her personal bodyguard, but also protects Yakko and Wakko too. He also is a defender of the Warner Bros. studio and other parts of Hollywood, dedicating his live to fighting crime from Wizard Waldo and other forces of evil.

Background Singer's Tropes (So far)

Action Hero - Whatever the danger, Background Singer's all for it.

All Girls Want Bad Boys - Dot easily falls in love with hot men, but compared to them, she loves seeing Background Singer all badass. Not bad for a personal butler to the Warner Sister.

All-Knowing Singing Narrator - For the opening of "Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled".

Alternative Character Interpretation -

  • In Part 2 of "Hooray for North Hollywood", Background Singer is swimming in the same pile of money Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are sadly sitting on. And while Background Singer tries cheering up the Warners by forgetting Mr. Plotz, the Warners call him out for saying things like for example, "I don't care. I don't miss him one little bit.". Was Background Singer really being a jerk? Or is his newly snobbish behavior justified after last fighting with Mr. Plotz before he got fired as CEO?
  • In "Wakko's Wish", did Background Singer really spare Waldo because he knows he's still his brother? Or did he spare him because he knows Yakko and Wakko are present, and acknowledges that they wouldn't want him killing Waldo in front of them, even if he killed Dot?

Anti-Hero - At times, for being either selfish to Mr. Plotz or for being too violent.

All-Loving Hero - Is a friend to humans and toons at the same time, because he doesn't know anything about them.

Always Save the Girl - In this case, Dot.

Arch-Enemy - Depending on which episode features him, Background Singer has a couple of enemies. Wizard Waldo being his biggest offender.

  • Mr. Plotz is this to Background Singer at times, and when things get intense for the Warners, the two men are at each other's throats. However, Mr. Plotz needs Background Singer to protect the studio from Waldo's clutches.

Awful Truth - Background Singer reveals in "Wakko's Wish" that all this time, he was a wizard. Not once in the show has he shown in front of the Warners his powers, because he was afraid they would fear him. Much to his surprise, they don't.

Awesome Ego

Badass in a Nice Suit

Badass in Charge - Becomes this at the end of "Wakko's Wish" when he and Dot are married and become king and queen.

Badass in Distress - When Dot's not the one getting kidnapped, Waldo kidnaps Background Singer as a prisoner or slave.

Badass Normal - Because he's been great at hiding his powers and never bringing them up, Egon as Background Singer proves that he doesn't need a fancy costume to be a hero.

Bash Brothers - With Babes Bunny on occasion.

Berserk Button - Do not hurt or insult Yakko, Wakko, or his girlfriend Dot, especially Dot, or Background Singer will put you in intensive care.

Beware the Nice Ones - Background Singer's a very nice guy, as long as you don't get on his bad side.

Be Yourself - Background Singer's central theme

Bickering Couple, Peaceful Couple - Sometimes he and Dot bicker, but for the majority, they do get along.

Big Ball of Violence - Happens whenever Background Singer picks a fight.

Big Damn Heroes

Big Good

Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario - "Cutie and the Beast" and "Jokahontas" have a "Singer Hood" arc story included for both episodes, where Dot becomes all selfish and haughty in "Cutie and the Beast" after Waldo caused Dot to flub her full name with a curse. At the end of "Jokahontas", the Warners start to realize that Background Singer's not here, and because Dot dumped Background Singer/Singer Hood for Taz, they assume something terrible could've happened to him. Dot was the most sad of the three, but as soon as Background Singer/Singer Hood read Dot's apology scroll, Background Singer, now feeling loved again, decides to go back to the Warners, who apologize to him for neglecting him, and Dot for not appreciating him enough. From cartoons after "Jokahontas", Dot keeps her promise to never to cheat on Background Singer again. She still does, Background Singer doesn't easily get angry as much as part of his character development.

Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl - Dot isn't as crazy violent and wrathful as Background Singer is.

Bruiser with a Soft Center - Frightening as he is, Background Singer's soft spot is his girlfriend, Dot. Wizard Waldo likes to take advantage of this by capturing either one or destroy their relationship.

Brutal Honesty - Is this whenever he tries to get his point across while he's angry. Sometimes he can be brutally honest when he isn't angry.

Building Swing - Occasional method of transportation with his grapple gun microphone.

Butt-Monkey - Whether it's on accident or not, Background Singer will have a few moments of abuse.

  • In "Dot's Quiet Time", Dot's scream blasts him off the top of Mt. Everest just an avalanche occurs from that same scream.

Byronic Hero

Calling the Old Man Out - Does this to Mr. Plotz when he angers him (even without the Warners involved), and has no hesitation to do so, for better or worse.

Character Development - Learns more and more about the world as the series goes on. He also learns to become more patient and accepting to seeing Dot with another boy.

  • ("Wakko's Wish") "(After seeing Dot flirting with the Captain of the Guards, he shrugs it off and smiles as he talks to himself out loud) Don't worry. She'll come back."

The Charmer

Child of Two Worlds - He was born and raised in isolation by his older brother, Waldo. But as an adult, he changed his name to Background Singer and started living in the open world.

Chick Magnet - Background Singer attracts the ladies just as easily as men who attract Dot.

Combat Pragmatist

Comes Great Responsibility

The Comically Serious - From time to time, as part of his cockiness.

Dark and Troubled Past

Dark Is Not Evil - He was born as "Wizard Egon, the Wicked Wizard of the East", but he's only wicked when he tries to get a point across.

Deadpan Snarker

Debt Detester - In "Wakko's Wish", Background Singer is about to stab his brother with Waldo's dagger as revenge for killing Dot, only, Background Singer misses on purpose and spares Waldo's life.

Designated Hero - To some degree compared to his friends. He isn't mischievous though, but will break a few bones and take some liberties to help his friends.

"Do It Yourself" Theme Tune - Has two examples of this trope. The "Animaniacs" theme song, and Background Singer's own theme song, "Bad to the Bone".

Do Not Call Me Paul - Think twice before you call him "babe".

Does Not Know His Own Strength

Excellent Judge of Character - As demonstrated in "Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 2)" for example.

Experienced Protagonist - Despite having little experience in the outside world, Background Singer seems to have wisdom on how to act like all other humans like him.

Fish out of Water

The Good King - Becomes this at the end of "Wakko's Wish" after marrying Dot. His title is even retained in "The Great Edgar Hunt".

Greek Chorus

Grief Song - Sings a cover of "When She Loved Me" from "Toy Story 2" in "Wakko's Wish".

Hair Trigger Temper

Happily Married - To Dot at the end of "Wakko's Wish" and all "Animaniacs" media starting with the 2005 videogame, "Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt". As of the reboot, it is unknown whether or not they'll still be married.

Heroes Fight Barehanded

Heroic Build - Revealed when his suit is off and his abs are showing.

Heroic Sacrifice - Kills himself by jumping into Waldo's cauldron of boiling water after he sings "If I can't love her" in the episode, "Jokahontas". However, Wizard Waldo used the wrong spell on Singer Hood (Background Singer's medieval alter-ego) and turned him back into a human after Waldo cursed him into being a grey wolf.

Heterosexual Life-Partners - Mostly with Babes Bunny or Yakko.

Holding Hands - Mostly with Dot. Sometimes with other women.


Huge Guy, Tiny Girl - Of all the Warners' friends, Background Singer is roughly 5-6 ft. tall (the size of an average human being, compared to Dr. Scratchansniff and Hello Nurse.). Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (or at least Wakko and Dot) are half that size.


I Am What I Am - His theme song in the show is "Bad to the Bone", which he sings in "Roll Over, Beethoven". In "Wakko's Wish", Background Singer confesses that all this time he was a wizard, but Yakko, Wakko, and all of his close friends easily accept this after seeing Background Singer fight Waldo for Dot's life. Even Dot easily accepts him for who he is, so Background Singer really didn't have anything to worry about.

"I Want" Song - "Go The Distance" in "Wakko's Wish" compared to other songs he covers in the show.

If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him

Immune to Slapstick - Background Singer is more of the serious balance in the show, even though cartoon sound effects still play while he's in action.

Interspecies Romance - With Dot, and vice-versa.

Instrumental Theme Tune - If Background Singer were to return for the reboot, he would have his own intro using the same instrumental opening score from "Batman: The Animated Series" (given its score was by Danny Elfman in collaboration with late Shirley Walker). Otherwise, his instrumental theme would just be heavy metal.

Ironic Echo - In the series' pilot "De-Zanitized", Background Singer saves Mr. Plotz, who was about to be dropped from the Warner Bros. water tower by Wizard Waldo, until Background Singer stands up to him and shoos him away, making Waldo vow his revenge. In "Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 2)", Background Singer is about to be killed by Waldo's lightning powers, only for Mr. Plotz to blindly rescue Background Singer with a hose connected to a snow cone machine filled with real snow (which weakens Waldo and makes him melt in defeat, undoing all of his evil magic.).

Jerkass Has a Point - Has instances of these depending on which episode he's in.

  • At the end of "Cutie and the Beast", Background Singer (as Singer Hood, now cursed as a wolf by Waldo.) calls Dot out for dumping him for the Beast (played by Taz) and not appreciating his job of protecting her from Waldo. And while had no right to call Dot a pervert, he is right about how Dot behaved throughout the entire episode all because of what Waldo did to purposely make Dot screw up saying her full name.

Jerk With A Heart Of Gold - He may be brutal, selfish, and/or cocky, but he's still a good person.

Kneel Before Frodo - Background Singer and the Warners get this treatment at the end of "Wakko's Wish".

Let's Get Dangerous!

Loony Friends Improve Your Personality - After getting to know the Warners sometime before the events of the premiere episode, "De-Zanitized", Background Singer was able to get the freedom he wanted by living with them, and learning their lifestyles.

Love Hurts - Constantly, whenever Dot cheats on him.

Makes Us Even - Background Singer saved Mr. Plotz' life at the beginning of the show, so in "Hooray for North Hollywood", Mr. Plotz returns the favor after killing Waldo.

Manly Tears - There are rare times when Background Singer DOES cry.

Melismatic Vocals - Depends on the song he'll sing, either alone or with his friends.

Mind-Control Eyes - Background Singer gets these in "Space Probed" when Waldo hypnotized him with his scepter.

Mr. Fanservice

Nice Guy

No Holds Barred Beatdown - You'll know Background Singer's had enough after a few sentences from enemies like Mr. Plotz and so on. Heck, in "Wakko's Wish", he takes it up to eleven at Waldo when he thought his brother's revival spell didn't work on Dot.

Official Couple - With Dot Warner.

Only Sane Man - Background Singer is the only main character to be fully self aware of what the villains are planning.

Papa Wolf - Is this for the Warners, despite not being their dad. He's still protective of his friends and girlfriend. He would later become this when he's a dad to four children.

Parasol Parachute - As part of one of his microphones he has at hand.

Power Glows - When he tries to revive Dot in "Wakko's Wish", Background Singer absorbs the lightning from the storm cloud, making Waldo notice his birthmark as his hair falls off.

Proud Beauty

Rage Breaking Point - Frequently, whenever someone tries to hurt his friends, or when he's constantly stood up or cheated on by Dot.

Take My Hand

"The Reason You Suck" speech - Mixes together with "Jerkass Has a Point" in Background Singer's case.

Reasonable Authority Figure - Becomes this if he were to appear in the 2020 reboot given he is married to Dot, which makes him the new king of Warner Bros. Studios. And the fact that he and Dot would have four royal children.

Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! - Most notably used in "Wakko's Wish". Background Singer's letter from Yakko tells him not to worry about Dot's poor health conditions, and to stay here until they come back. Background Singer however thinks otherwise as he sings "Go the Distance" and decides to disobey Yakko to tell his girlfriend the truth before she dies. Ironically, after finding him locked in a tower blocked by a wall of ice, Yakko was relieved that Background Singer disobeyed him, as he, Wakko, and Dot were already in danger to begin with.

Serenade Your Lover - To Dot. "Mary Tyler Dot" is an example of this trope. In other songs, Background Singer will sing with her to further emphasis their relationship status.

Sharp-Dressed Man - Background Singer still wears his trademark dress suit when he's fighting, he doesn't care if it gets torn or ripped in combat.

Shirtless Scene

Super Strength - One of Background Singer's powers. The only one he has no problem revealing.

Super Toughness

Took a Level in Badass - He has some of these moments in the show, but in "Wakko's Wish", he ends the battle between him and Waldo by stealing Waldo's scepter, freezing Waldo's lower body in a block of ice so he can't follow him, and performing a revival ritual on Dot while revealing to his friends the truth that Background Singer was a wizard all this time.

Undying Loyalty - Background Singer loves living with the Warners, and has grown accustomed to their daily lives.

Unlimited Wardrobe - Depending on the episode, Background Singer wears different outfits.

  • Background Singer can be shirtless either normally or by ripping off just the front whenever he's angry.
  • Whenever Background Singer exercises, he only wears blue shorts and is completely shirtless. (Also applies as his alternate sleep attire)
  • Background Singer's sleep attire consists of a black elastic night suit that reflects light. And it's short sleeved.
  • In fairy tale-related stuff like "Cutie and the Beast", "Jokahontas", and even "Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt" (in the "Once Upon a Time" level), Background Singer dresses up like Robin Hood. In this case, his medieval name would be "Singer Hood". You can also call him Prince Ali. And instead of his microphones with attachments, he uses an iron sword for his primary weapon, and a wooden bow and arrow for his secondary weapon, making Background Singer skilled at archery.
    • In "Cutie and the Beast", when Waldo turns Singer Hood into a wolf, Singer Hood has grey fur with white paws, but even cursed, still wears his attire.
  • In "Nothing but the Tooth", Background Singer wears light blue scrubs, shoe covers, a mask, a medical cap, and white latex gloves.
  • For "Dot - The Macadamia Nut" and other Mexican-related occasions, Background Singer wears a black hat with a red stripe, plus a red dance shirt with a black vest, black trousers, and black shoes. (For the 2020 reboot, he could wear this for a cover of "Hips Don't Lie" when Dot wears her same red dress and red flower from said cartoon.)
  • At the end of "Wakko's Wish" and further "Animaniacs" media since "The Great Edgar Hunt", Background Singer as a Warner wears King Salazar's outfit, but is bare-handed. In "The Great Edgar Hunt", he can switch between both forms at anytime.
    • As a Warner, he too has black fur and a white face, resembling that of Yakko and Wakko's body layout, but again is bare-handed.

Unstoppable Rage

Violently Protective Girlfriend - Gender Inverted. Mess with Dot, and you get the horns.

You Are Better Than You Think You Are - Background Singer's other central theme.

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

Young and in Charge - At the end of "Wakko's Wish" and all of "The Great Edgar Hunt".

His Theme Song

"Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood (Background Singer sings a cover of this)

Songs he sang

Some are from "Animaniacs", some are not. More songs will be added.

(*) = Features my singing

  1. "Animaniacs" theme song *
  2. "The Monkey Song" *
  3. "Yes, Brothers Warner We" (from "HMS Yakko") *
  4. "The Etiquette Song" (from "Taming of the Screwy") - Background Singer doesn't sing this at all, however, at end of the song, he does take a bite from the roll that flew into his mouth and say "Tasty!".
  5. "What are we?" *
    1. My version of the episode
    2. Song Page
  6. "Let the anvils ring" (from "King Yakko")
  7. "This Means War" (from "King Yakko")
  8. "War Report" (from "King Yakko")
  9. "Bad to the Bone" (from "Roll over, Beethoven") (a cover of George Thorogood's song) - Background Singer sings this as soon as Dot finishes singing. And he's shirtless!
  10. "Call Dr. Yakko" (from "Nothing but the tooth")
  11. "Arabian Nights" (from "Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled") (Originally from Disney's "Aladdin") - Background Singer sings this as an opening song as he and Babes travel through the desert before greeting the audience.
  12. "The Senses Song" *
  13. "Dot's Song" - Backgound Singer sings on-screen and off-screen to express his love for her.
  14. "Video Revue"
  15. "Goodbye Song"
  16. "Slippin' on the Ice"
  17. "I'm Cute" *
    1. My version of the episode
    2. Song Page
  18. "Dot's Quiet Time" - In the episode and song, Background Singer protects Dot as she tries to find a quiet place to read her book. *
    1. My version of the episode
    2. Song Page
  19. "This is Halloween" (from "Scare Happy Slappy") (Originally from Disney's "The Nightmare Before Christmas") - Background Singer and all his friends sing this at the beginning of the episode.
  20. "One Jump Ahead" (from "Dot's Poetry Corner: The Poem that I Wrote") (Originally from Disney's "Aladdin") - Background Singer's only singing line is "True! Oh it's sad this rabbit's hit the bottom! He's become a one-hare rise in crime!".
  21. "A Quake! A Quake!" *
  22. "Variety Speak"
    1. My version of the episode
    2. Song Page
  23. "U.N. Me" *
  24. "Several Drops of Rain" *
  25. "There's only one of you" [Later used in "Hooray for North Hollywood"]
  26. "The Presidents Song" *
  27. "Wakko's Two-Note Song"
    1. My version of the episode
    2. Song Page
  28. "Panama Canal" *
  29. "The Ballad of Magellan" *
  30. "At the Big Wrap Party Tonight" *
  31. "Prince Ali" (from "Cutie and the Beast") (Originally from Disney's "Aladdin") - Background Singer's theme song as Singer Hood, who introduces himself to Princess Dot.
  32. "One Jump Ahead (Reprise)" (from "Cutie and the Beast") (Originally from Disney's "Aladdin") - The sad closing song to the episode, where Singer Hood (now a wolf) loses all hope after feeling betrayed by Dot, who cheated on him for Taz (playing the role of the Beast).
  33. "Noel"
  34. "If I Can't Love Her" (from "Jokahontas") (Originally from the 1994 broadway version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast") -
  35. "If I Can't Love Her (Reprise)" (from "Jokahontas") (Originally from the 1994 broadway version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast") -
  36. "A Whole New World" (from "Jokahontas") (Originally from Disney's "Aladdin") - Dot and Background Singer sing this during her apology date.
  37. "Dot - The Macadamia Nut" - Background Singer provides backup, and he's the only man in the backup chorus with Hello Nurse and Minerva Mink, given he is Dot's personal butler and bodyguard.
  38. "I'm a Swingin' Gal" (from "Animaniacs Game Pack")
  39. "We're on our way to go see Mr. Plotz" (from "Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 1)")
  40. "You gotta do the schmooze" (from "Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 1)")
  41. "L.A. Dot" (from "Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 2)")
  42. "It's New Year's Eve" (from "Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 2)")
  43. "Go the Distance" (from "Wakko's Wish") (Originally from Disney's "Hercules") - The first song used in the movie, as Background Singer debates with his friends on whether to go or not. By sunrise, he decides to go after the Warners and tell them the truth.
  44. "What's this?" (from "Wakko's Wish") (Originally from Disney's "The Nightmare Before Christmas") - As Background Singer and Babes enter ACME Falls and as Background Singer explores the deserted village before being greeted by an old, but friendly wizard.
  45. "I'll make a man out of you" (Originally from Disney's "Mulan")
  46. "When she loved me" (Originally from Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story 2") - Background Singer looks at a picture he was going to give to the now deceased Dot, reminiscing the good times he had with her. [Clips from episodes of the show play as well]
  47. "Go the Distance (Reprise)" (Originally from Disney's "Hercules") - After Background Singer feels proud for saving the world, helping one of the Warners obtain the wishing star, and even confessing that he was a wizard all along.
  48. "Father and son" (Originally from Disney's "Aladdin 3: The King of Thieves")
  49. "I Believe I Can Fly" (from "Wakko's Wish") (Originally from another Warner Bros. movie, "Space Jam") - Background Singer and friends sing this during the end credits.
  50. "Monsieur Hood" (from "Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt") (Originally from Dreamworks' "Shrek") - In the opening cutscene upon entering the "Once Upon a Time" level. [Instrumental version plays during the boss fight with the witch]
  51. "Oogie Boogie Background Singer's theme song" ("Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt" version) (Originally from Disney Interactive's "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge") - Background Singer and friends sing this during the final battle with C.C. DeVille.
  52. "Filthy Finale" (from "Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt") (Originally from Disney Interactive's "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge") - Background Singer sings this to his evil self during the final cutscene.
  53. "Spiral Hill" (from "Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt") (Originally from Disney Interactive's "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge") - If you get 100%, you'll get to see a secret ending where Background Singer and Dot spend a moment on top of the water tower at night, and they sing a powerful love duet.

(More songs will be added, depending on my eligibility.)

Possible songs he could sing for the reboot

  1. "Still I fly" (Originally from Disney/Pixar's "Planes 2: Fire and Rescue") - Could be his first song to sing when the reboot debuts. It could even reference "Frozen" by having Background Singer/Egon's magical clothing transformation be the same as Elsa's when she sang "Let it go".
  2. "Hips don't lie" (a cover of Shakira's song) - Could serve as a love duet between him and Dot.
  3. "Senorita" (a cover of the song by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes) - Could serve as a love duet between him and Dot.

His background music

He primarily uses Danny Elfman's pre-1993 score from movies he composed, occasionally some of Alan Menken's score throughout the 1990s.


  • He was originally meant to be just a singing voice, but after practicing with Dot's songs over and over, I decided to evolve him into a character.
  • He is like a male of version of Hello Nurse if you think about it, given his bad boy charm, charisma, and abdominal figure.


Casual Outfit

Singer Hood/Medieval Outfit

Oogie Suit

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Other Outfits