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(WARNING: Some contents of this character may be inappropriate)

Babes Bunny is an OC 321SPONGEBOLT (I) created for "Tiny Toon Adventures", another show made under Warner Bros. and Steven Spielberg. He was created on September 13, 2011 as Babs Bunny's jock brother.


At the start of the first episode of "Tiny Toon Adventures", "The Looney Beginning", Babes was drawn in after his sister was. He was at first drawn in as a red bunny rabbit with white gloves (similar to Bugs Bunny), but asked for his hands to be changed. As a result, he was drawn bare-handed, but with shackles, leaving the red rabbit confused.

Throughout "Tiny Toon Adventures", he was one of the most popular toons in ACME Looneversity, given he's the captain of the campus' Ice Hockey team, the "ACME Attackers".

When he was separated from his family in "Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation" (due to his sister and Buster's squirt gun fight causing a massive tidal wave), Babes learns that the reason he has those shackles is because he had a family member from centuries ago who is also a genie.

In "Animaniacs", he started living at Warner Bros. studio with the Warners and Background Singer. Babes serves as Wakko's pet bunny rabbit and on occasion serves as Background Singer's sidekick. As of "Wakko's Wish", Babes became free at the end of the movie by the now married Background Singer/King Egon's command and no longer has those shackles on his wrists, but he still has all of his magical powers.

If he were to return in the 2020 reboot, it may be possible that he would aid Egon's son, Nixon if there was a possible storyline to go for.


Babes is a laid-back, easy-going, and sometimes vulgar jerk jock. He claims to be better than his sister, when the reality is, he and Babs are equally matched. Similar to his sister, he too does impressions.

Babes Bunny's Tropes (So far)

Abnormal Limb Rotation Range

Awesome Ego

Badass Adorable - Compared to his sister, Babs. If not hot and attractive, should one count his abs.

Barefoot Cartoon Animal

Bash Brothers - With Buster, Plucky, Hampton, or even his sister, Babs in "Tiny Toon Adventures". In "Animaniacs", he'll sometimes accompany Background Singer, or even the Warner siblings depending on which episode he appears in.

Benevolent Genie

Beware the Nice Ones

Beware the Silly Ones

Big Damn Heroes - With Background Singer on occasion.

Blowing a Raspberry - Does this to Dot from inside his lamp in "Cutie and the Beast" after everyone else left, following Background Singer's breakup with Dot.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Brother-Sister Team - In "Tiny Toon Adventures" with Babs.

Chick Magnet

Comes Great Responsibility - Babes takes it upon himself to protect his lamp from Waldo (and other villains in "Animaniacs") after finding out he is a genie.

Complete Immortality - One of Babes' powers he was born with.

Cuffs Off, Rub Wrists - After Babes becomes free at the end of "Wakko's Wish".

Deadpan Snarker

Decomposite Character - He's the Tiny Toons counterpart for Bugs Bunny. He too is just as crafty and mischievous as his sister.

Designated Hero - He, Buster, and Babs, are also supposed to be the heroes of the show, but are not above tormenting and heckling others just for fun, even if said person did nothing to deserve such treatment. He can also fall into this category for "Animaniacs" as well.

Didn't See That Coming

"Do It Yourself" Theme Tune - He sings the "Tiny Toon Adventures" theme song with his sister and friends in "Tiny Toon Adventures". In "Tiny Toon Adventures: The Great Beanstalk", he sings his own version of "Friend Like Me" from "Aladdin" to fully embrace his genie role.

Does Not Know His Own Strength - On occasion, sometimes for humor.

Expressive Ears

Fish out of Water

Flight - One of Babes' powers he was born with.

Flying Brick - He was born with flight and super strength. He didn't know he could fly until "Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation".

Forgot About His Powers -

Full-Contact Magic -

Genie in a Bottle - He lives in his lamp until Egon (Background Singer) wishes him free.

Healing Hands - One of Babes' powers he was born with.

Helping Hands

Heroic Build - Revealed when his jersey's off.

Heterosexual Life-Partners - Mostly with Background Singer.

Hyper-Competent Sidekick - To some degree, he's not as dumb as his owner, Wakko.

I Just Want to Be Free - His desire in "Wakko's Wish", just to get his shackles off.

Immune to Bullets -

Invincible Hero

Invisibility - One of Babes' powers he was born with.

Intangibility - Only when he's invisible.

Jerk Jock with a Heart of Gold - A combination of the "Jerk Jock" and "Jerk with a Heart of Gold" tropes all put together. This is pretty on and off when it comes to him and Babs.

Leaning on the Fourth Wall

Living Apart - One of Babes' powers he was born with.

Lovable Jock - Babes isn't always snobbish and competitive with his sister. In fact, some episodes of "Tiny Toon Adventures" have them work together as a team without the quarreling. In "Animaniacs", Babes clearly misses his friends from ACME Looneversity, and mentions them at points. To Background Singer, he is willing to help him rescue the Warners in any way possible. To Wakko, he's a loyal pet to him.

Man of a Thousand Voices - Just like his sister.

Massive Numbered Siblings - He and Babs have multiple siblings in one rabbit hole.

Me's a Crowd - One of Babes' powers he was born with.

Mr. Fanservice

My Master, Right or Wrong

Nigh-Invulnerability - One of Babes' powers he was born with.

Non-Human Sidekick - To Background Singer.

Plucky Comic Relief - Depends on which episode of "Tiny Toon Adventures" or "Animaniacs" you put him in.

Rascally Rabbit - He, Buster, and Babs take after Bugs in this fashion.

Shapeshifting - One of Babes' powers he was born with.

Sir Swears-a-Lot - Because "Tiny Toon Adventures" and "Animaniacs" are aimed for children, his swearing is minimal to keep a TV-PG rating at best. A few censored F-bombs find there way here too.

Super Speed - While running or flying.

Super Strength - One of Babes' powers he was born with.

Super Toughness

Trademark Favorite Food - Carrots, much like Bugs Bunny.

"The Reason You Suck" Speech - Gives one to Dot in "Cutie and the Beast".

The Trickster - Inherits this from his mentor Bugs, just like Babs and Buster do. He also inherits a bit of Smokey the Genie's personality too.

Three Wishes - After granting three wishes, he needs to retire to his lamp to recharge his wishing powers.

Undying Loyalty - To Background Singer or any of the Warners depending on which cartoon he's in.

Wholesome Crossdresser - Like Bugs, he sometimes dresses like a lady. Or with his magic, shapeshifts into a lady.


  • He's 321SPONGEBOLT's first OC to use foul language.
  • He's 321SPONGEBOLT's first OC to be involved in sports.