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Variety Speak is the third sing along VHS for Animaniacs released in 1999


  • Animaniacs Theme (Sing Along Version)
    • Variable Verse-Sing-a-laney
  • Variety Speak (Including version from Hooray from North Hollywood)
  • Yakko’s Universe
  • The Monkey Song
  • Never Give Up Hope (From the then soon to be released “Wakko’s Wish”)
  • Video Revue
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Let the Anvils Ring
  • Pinky and the Brain Theme
  • Slappy and Skippy Theme
  • Rita and Runt Theme
  • Good Feathers Theme
  • Dr Sratchansniff
  • The Etiquette Song
  • Wheel of Morality
  • Animaniacs Ending Theme