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Animaniacs Big Adventure is a Fanon movie that is a 3 part episode. When an rival studio  has created a virus that have the effect to harm cartoon characters and plans to unleash it into the Warner's studios, there all the cartoon characters were effected (except the warners who escape from the tower again) now all the characters are about to die, and it up to the warners,scratchansniff and plotz to save the studio and find the cure.

 Toon-Virus (Part 1)[]

The special begin in a small lab at the north pole, there two scientists have just put the finishing touches of a small vile of red liquid, Suddenly a mysterious tall shadow figure appears and asked the scientists if the virus is done. one of them told them the a small vile of it is done but i'll take a few more days to create a large amount. The shadow figure told him that in one week the studio convention, where all the studios CEOS will appear in the opening and plans to make sure his studio (which wasn't invited) will be #1 studio in history. one of the scientists told the figure they need to test it out first, to make sure it works, the figure then told them the perfect place to set it up; Warner Bros.Studio.

The next day, Thaddeus Plotz, The Ceo of the studio, begin reading his flash-cards for the convention as he is one of the speakers there, Suddenly he gets a phone call that tells him that he's car is on fire and after hearing about that, he ran off to see the damage. Suddenly a mysterious cloak figure appears then planted certain items that looks like bluprints in Plotz's desk then escape from the window.

Later at the water tower, Yakko,Wakko and Dot began another day of escaping the tower, this time by putting a mat on the bottom then do a few gymastic tricks before making a perfect landing and forming a upside down pyramid. While running out of the lot, Ralph began his chase.

After they lefted, a cloacked figure appears and began his plan; First he the place the vile into a liquid to gas gun and began secretly spraying all of the cartoon characters with the gas and they didn't even notice. After a whole day of sparying them with gas, the figure escape the lot without anyone notcing him.

After a day of fun, The Warners return to their tower by using jet packs to get back to the tower. After returning to the tower, Yakko notice a package outside the that saids "Do Not Opened untill Friday" and decide to put it away.

The next day when the Warner was about to do their next cartoon, they notice that a few characters don't act like themselves; First they notice Mindy and Buttons has switch roles; Mindy was chasing Buttons the same way Buttons chase Mindy, Slappy and Skippy began to talk nonsense, Minvera kept throwing up in the tash can every 10 seconds, and Chicken Boo is wearing mix-match clothes that don't match his disguises.  When they got to the studio for their rehearsal, they descover that most of the cartoon characters that was suppost to show up are all sick and they had to cancel it.

At the office, Plotz have been getting alot of phone calls from the toons about not feeling well and heading home. Worrying about out this will be bad for business, Plotz think about not going to the convention in order to found out what is happening.

Later that day, Yakko,Wakko and Dot goes to their appoinment with Dr.Scratchansniff, but Hello Nurse told them he not taking any clients today and wondering why, so they decided to check it out. It turns out that Otto ws doing a bit of role-playing with Mr. Puppethead, telling him he doesn't love him anymore. Suddenly Yakko opened the door to see and Otto stopped before they could see him. When they asked about appointment being cancelled, Otto explain that most of the toons who work at the studio cancelled their appointments, and thought that The Warners cancel too. Wakko wondered they is it that all the toons are acting strange, Then Dot pointed out that she found a vile near the tower before they headed back, Yakko suggest that they should analzye this in their home lab (which Otto asked "you have a lab")

After 6 hours of anaylzing the vile, The Warners couldn't identify what was in the vile. When Wakko went to get something to eat, he found the package and decide to opened it, it was then revealed to be a bomb, and the Warners had 20 seconds to escape. After running out of the tower, the Warners watch as their Tower was gone. As Wakko and Dot mourn the lost of their Tower, Yakko told them they'll rebulid a new one and jokely said it'll be like the same. Just then Wakko began to feel strange, turn out a bit of the liqiud had landed on Wakko, causing him to have the same strange effect as the others.

The next day at the hospital, while Yakko,Dot and Scratchnsniff was in the waiting room, a doctor came and told them that Wakko only has 6 days to live, upon hearing that, Otto asked the Doctor if they could see him. As they enter his room, Dot asked Wakko is he okay, but just as Wakko was going to answer, a man appears (the one who says "Oh My..."  and told them that all he can tell them is that it's called the toon virus and it objected is to  effect all toons.  When Yakko asked if there's a cure, he told them that they need to go to paris for the answers. After he lefted, Yakko,Dot and Otto decide to go to paris to found the answer.

Meanwhile in a dark room, the cloack figure appeared, who turn out to be a women, told the figure, who was sitting on a chair with only his eyes shown, that the test was a success and that they need to create a large amount in order to complete his master plan, to rid of all the studios so he can he his studio can be #1.

The Cure (Part 2)[]

As Yakko,Dot and Otto prepare to fly to paris, Dot is worried that they might not make it back in time to found the cure and Yakko told her they will or die trying.

Back at the studio, while doing some paper, Plotz is interrupted by the police and a marshal who came in telling Plotz he's under arrest. when he demands the charges. The Marshal told him that Plotz is accused of stealing blueprint for a high-tech machine that was stolen months ago, Plotz said he don't know anything about any blueprints. Suddenly one of the policemen searched Plotz's desk and found the blueprints and Plotz was taken away.

Back at the Hospital, Wakko began to have a strange hallucination, for the first one he sees Babe Ruth knocking on his door and telling him that he's going to hit a home run for him in which Wakko is happy to hear that, Next Don Knotts appear and told Wakko that like him, Don always wanted to be friends with friends, even telling funny jokes.

Meanwhile at the airport,Yakko,Dot and Otto rented a small plane, with the Warner Bros company credit card that Yakko "Borrow" before they left. While boarding the ship, they found a clue for the cure and it was written in question ; "I am loved in france, but not human, i stand tall but doesn't speak nor move, what am i?" after a while Dot found the answer; The Eiffel tower so the gang head to paris to found the answer. 

In the next scene, at the courthouse Plotz stand in trial for stealing the blueprint for a machine, while explaining that he didn't steal the plans, a video  >evidence shows him stealing the plans then destroying the camera. When Plotz said that wasn't him, the judge sentence him to life is prison. as Plotz was taken away, the strange figure appears (only his eyes) laughing quitely as he sees plotz being taken away. Just then he get a call from one of his agents who tells him that 2 of the Warners and Otto are headed toward france to found the cure. he then told them to stop them by any means.

Back at the Hospital, Wakko woke up to found that he's okay and leap out of bed, when he opened the door, he found himself in a bedroom where a women (who looks like hello nurse but with red hair) putting on her pantyhose while Wakko was watching, then suddenly he woke up to found it was just a dream.

After 2 days in the air, Yakko and Otto, who was flying the plane while Dot was seen sleeping, was talking about what they are going to found in paris. Suddenly a giant plane appeared above them, without them noticing it, and release a large amount of fog that covered their sight, after the plane to thru the fog, Otto  told Yakko they are losing altitude and Yakko told him they are about to crash into the Effel Tower while upside down. Luckily Otto steered the plane just at the right moment to miss the tower, and after making a dangerous crash-landing, Dot came woke up asking if they are there yet.

While walking towards the Effel Tower, Yakko, Dot and Otto saw the news (which translate to perfect english with a french accent) that Plotz will be sent to jail for life and that the Studio will be shut down for further notice. Otto then told them that after finding the cure they need to head back to the state and free Plotz. Meanwhile the guy (from the hospital) is shown behind a corner while looking at Yakko,Dot and Otto who begins their mission.

In the next scene, After taking the elevator to the top of Effel Tower, The Warners and Otto spotted a mysterious man in dark borwn trenchcoat and hat, As Otto asked about the cure, the man revealed to be a thin man selling 1 foot scale models of the Effel Tower for sell, then they bumped into guy from the hospital who told them to follow them back to the elevator, there be press the numbers 1,9,3,0 then pressed "opened door", then the elevator then took them from the tower to a hidden lab. The guy then removed his disguise clothes to revealed a army clothes. When Dot asked him who he was, The Guy revealed himself as general Ron Warrington, and that he knows about the Virus.

Back at the state, Plotz was sent to the "Maximum Security Prison for Former CEOS" as Plotz was walking thru the halls, he was then introduce to his roommate; Marvin Meco; Former CEO of Gigantoon Studios. When Plotz was asked why he was sent here, He said he was framed for a crime he didn't commit. Marvin then said he was sent here because he was framed for a crime too.

Back at the hidden lab; General Warrington told Yakko,Dot and Otto that this is L.O.S.E (Lab of Science Experiments) a division that tries to make experiments to make toons funnier. Yakko then asked about the virus. Ron then told them about origin of the virus.

for 70 years, L.O.S.E had only one goal, to make toons funnier, in fact they created such classics as the avil trick, the painted tunnel trick, even the wildtakes.  but 64 years ago, L.O.S.E tried to create a serum that was design to boosted the wackyness of toons, however it turns out that instead of making them funny, the serum caused them to be sick, and it turns out that on the 6th day they begin to act normal but on the 7th day, the toons dies. To protect other toons, L.O.S.E has destroyed all the notes of the serum and called it The Toon Virus. Otto then asked how could someone got the serum of the virus if the formula was destroy. Meawhile Yakko asked the General about the cure. The General said that 20 years ago, they found a small vile of the serum and tried to create a cure, after 20 years, they found the cure, unfortunately they only made enough for one person and decide to give it to the Warners in order to save Wakko.

Just as Yakko, Dot and Otto took the elevator back to the top, a scientist called The General about a email he got, and as he opened it, it turn out to be a email bomb, that count down to 6 seconds. Just as the it was going to blew, General Warrington said "Oh My....." then  L.O.S.E lab exploded. Then Yakko,Dot and Otto boarded the plane and begin to fly back to Burbank, not knowing what happened.

Back in the dark room, a scienist told the told the figure that they blew up .L.O.S.E but the Warners has the cure. The Figure then told them to stop them by any mean necessary. we then back at hospital where Wakko is seen sleeping then said softly "Please Hurry" as the cartoon ends with "to be continued." at the bottom of the screen.

Part 3 (The Final Showdown)[]

As Yakko,Dot and Otto are seen flying the plane back to burbank, we see the same giant plane (the one with the big fog machine) appear and used a giant claw to grab the plane and bring it up to the plane. As Yakko,Wakko and Otto got off the plane, they are introduce to the cloak women (the one who planted the blueprints in plotz's desk) and course Yakko does he "Helloo Nurse" and Dot said "Boys, Go Fig". The Cloak women explan that she's hired to make sure Yakko, Dot and Otto didn't make it be to burbank alive and told the men to takes them to the cell.

Meanwhile back at The "Maximum Security Prison for Former CEOS" Both Plotz and Meco each asked each other how did they got framed. Meco said that 50 years ago when he became CEO of Gigantoon Studios, he hired a assistant to do all of the hard things. Then one day Meco was accused by the board for stealing budget money for the movies and was sentence to live in prison, As he was taken away, the board decide to make his assistant became the new head. When Plotz asked who was the assistant, we then cut back to the Warners and Otto.

Back in the plane,