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This is a list of episodes for the 2024-2031 Animaniacs reboot series with all of it's episodes leading up until Season 15, the final season. This show would eventually get a sequel series in 2035 titled "The Dark Yakko Rises'.

List of Episodes:[]

Season One:[]

1. Back To The Pilot!

2. Movie Lot Chaos

3. Pinky And The Brain in: Mad Mouse: Beyond Bordom

4. The Tunes and The Warners!

5. Alien Invasion!

6. Prehistoric Wakko

7. The Meteorite That Ended It All

8. Past Doubts

9. Ralph's Ballad

10. Sonic Comes To Vist!

11. Skippy and Slappy in: Home Invaders

12. Marvel vs DC

13. The End Times

14. The Nerd and The Emo

15. Video Games Bring Us Down

16. Knock, Knock

17. Reboot It, Resuit It

18. Pinky and The Brain in: It's A Very Mousy Day!

19. Game Night

20. Yakko's Wish

21. Total Judgement

22. Fort-Nighting

23. Yakko's Game Night

24. Poetry Drools

25. Pinky and The Brain in: Mouse Fight!

26. Fair Game {reboot]

27. The Devil Comes To Play

28. The Incredibly Cool and Awesome Holiday Party!

29. Inconviences and Discharges

30. And So, They Leave The Nest

31. Bat Boy!

32. The Warner's Movie Plan

33. The Missing Donut!

34. I'm Cute {reboot}

35. Drive Insane {reboot}