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Animaniacs 2024 is a 2024-2031 American computer animated television series created by Tom Rugger and with episodes written by both Tom Rugger and Tim Hodge. The series premiered on Cartoon Network on November 25th 2024 and ended on August 26th 2031. The show had segments in between episodes just like the original. It was published by Warner Brothers, Amblin Entertainment, MTV and Hbo.


On February 19th 2023 2 days after the 2020 Animaniacs ended, series creator Tom Rugger picked up a new series entitled "Animaniacs 2024" and it was going to be about The Warners having more fun and causing more mischief then they ever did before. Development for this series began around Late November-Early December 2023.

On January 23rd 2024, a teaser for the brand new series was released on all social media platforms including Youtube, Instagram, Snap Chat and so on.

On January 26th 2024, series creator Tom Rugger pitched 40 new episodes for the first season and pitched all other episodes to their respected seasons.

On March 10th 2024, The show was renewed for a second and third season ahead of the show's premiere.

On March 16th 2024, The show was renewed for a fourth and fifth season ahead of the show's premiere.

On May 6th 2024, an official trailer with more new footage from the show was released including having the original cast back.

On May 13th 2024, the leaked theme song appeared online.

On May 28th 2024, the show was renewed for a sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth season ahead of the show's premiere.

On June 8th 2024, the show was renewed for a tenth, eleventh and twelfth season ahead for of the show's premiere.

On August 23rd 2024, a second trailer released.

On August 24th 2024, a brand new clip involving Pinky and the Brain going to Russia to steal the Russian Artillery Tank released.

On August 29th 2024, another new clip involving the Warners having a run-in with Elmyra released.

On September 14th 2024, a third trailer released.

On September 16th 2024, the show was renewed for a thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth season ahead of the show's premiere.

On September 19th 2024, another clip involving Wakko solving world peace released.

On September 29th 2024, a fourth trailer released.

On October 30th 2024, a new leaked image of "The Monkey Song, Again!" was leaked online.

On November 24th 2024, the series was officially streamed on Hulu, HBO Max and Warner Brothers Discovery gaining the attention of millions of new viewers each day for it's wacky sense of humor, the show being self aware of it's exsistance and it's slapstick gross out humor and original charm.

On December 4th 2024, the show's second season premiered.

On January 25th 2025, the show's third season premiered.

On February 14th 2025, the show's fourth season premiered.

On February 28th 2025, the show's fifth season premiered.

On March 17th 2026, the show's sixth season premiered.

On March 29th 2026, the show's seventh season premiered

On June 5th 2027, the show's eighth season premiered.

On March 19th 2028, the show's ninth season premiered.

On June 10th 2028, the show's tenth season premiered.

On December 19th 2028, the show's eleventh season premiered.

On December 29th 2028, the show's twelfth season premiered.