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Point, point who is it? is the second charapter of Animaniacs 2.0 created by Alejolteon.


Dot is revealed against the warner brothers and becomes Point.


Dot, after becoming Point, attacks the Warner Brothers. There is an intense battle between them and then Point escapes and destroys the city by burning it down, etc.
There are some funny scenes that make the viewer laugh but then Point, steals an ice cream from a girl, that makes his father attack Point with a rifle he had but nothing happens because Point resists (What no one knows is that Point can only be cured with some special genes).
Yakko and Wakko are terrified and do not know what to do and then try to go hide in an abandoned supermarket, they, for a moment, forget their identity and change their name to Ya'o (For Yakko) and Wa'o (For Wakko) respectively.
The episode is put on a black screen with a caption that says "To be continued..."

Curious Facts[]

  • In this chapter we can see that Point resists any attack but one.
  • The father is a cousin of Ralph (who is the guard in the original Animaniacs series)