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A little day at Warner Studios is the first chapter of the Animaniacs 2.0 series created by Alejolteon.


Warner Studios closes after a flood causing some characters to turn bad.


The chapter begins that the Warner brothers and sister Dot are locked in the tank and can not escape because they can not swim there was not known to be full of water.

The guard Ralph by accident opens the faucet, and that makes the water escape with the Animaniacs included because the cap of the tank was very big, there is also a rain that makes things worse.

The owner of the tank realizes that it is empty and the Animaniacs have escaped.

The one who doesn't manage to escape is Ralph and ends up being fired.

What no one noticed is that the food has been taken to other places because of the flood and that causes no one to have anything to eat.

In the supermarkets, the refrigerators don't work, and there is no food that requires the cold chain.

Brain wants to conquer the world as always in Acme Labs but his heart will change when he sees the flood (Which will be seen in later chapters).

The chapter ends when Dot loses her memory and says: My head hurts a lot. Uy uy uy! I don't know what to do! And a legend is shown saying: To be continued ...

Curious facts[]

  • This is the first and last time we see Ralph.
  • Brain looks like he's gonna change his mind in a few chapters.