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Animaniacs 2.0 is a series created by Alejolteon.

The series tells us the story of the Animaniacs in 2030 and how they have evolved.


The story is that Warner Studios closed its doors after a flood and some characters take on an evil personality with Mindy, known in this series as Mundy.
Rita, known as R.T.A 2.

Main characters[]

In this series, we have some peculiar characters that are the following:

Ya'o: Yakko changes his name after the flood and he doesn't know what to do with his life, he is also hungry.

Wa'o: Wakko, also changed his name to be another person more.

Point: Is the evil version of Dot, she wants to eat a lot of meat and she hates tofu.

Pinky: He is even insane in this series. Brain has him in a mental hospital. Brain: Now he is trying to save the world and stop being stupid.

He made a machine that gives him an IQ of 180, allowing him to stop doing evil to such characters.

Slappy Squirrel: She is now more angry and stressed, she is now with Brain trying to get Skippy's genes to save him.

Skippy Squirrel: He has the cure for the bad characters but, if the persons gets his genes, he will die.

Mundy: Is the bad version of Mindy, is a girl that destroys everything in her steps.

Also, She wants to destroy Buttons.

Buttons: He learned to speak thanks to Brain's machines, he wants to finish with Mundy and get back the peace.

R.T.A 2: She is a robotic version of Rita created by Brain because she died ate by a street dog in New York city.

Runt: Now, he passed to have a 50 to 100 IQ (Due to Brain machine) and he tries to save the world with Brain and Slappy.

Episodes list[]

Name Number Description
A little day at Warner Studios 1 Warner Studios closes after a flood causing some characters to turn bad.
Point, Point Who is it? 2 Dot is revealed against the warner brothers and becomes Point.
Do what we never did, Pinky 3 Brain wants to save the world and gets to build while Pinky is put in a mental hospital.
The Warner Brothers' Journey 4 They escape Warner Studios and go to join Brain.
Aunt Slappy like a squirrel 5 Aunt Slappy and boy Skippy team up with brains to stop the bad guys and find the cure.
Everyone's drought 6 There is a drought in the city where they are.

There is also a famine, which makes the bad guys escape.

The cure is already here 7 Skippy dies (due to the removal of his genes) and the cure for evil characters is found.

The problem? is that it is not as efficient yet.

R.T.A 2, the new hope 8 It is discovered that Rita had died due to a stray dog ​​and that makes Brain in 2 days build R.T.A 2, a robot that can save the world.
Runt, now in 100 size 9 Is discovered that Runt has a 50 IQ and Brain updates that to 100.

Now, Runt joined the adventure

Mundy's curse 10 Mindy also acquired the curse.

Buttons is against her and try to save the world.

Brain tries to make him speak and he could.

Go Ya'o, go! 11

Ya'o comes out of his famine after finding delicious food on the ground. That makes him join the team. The problem is Wa'o trying to get out of his famine too but not getting enough food.

Mundy's disappointment 12 Mundy is cured with Skippy's genes and then transforms into an adult with a Brain machine.

That causes him to apologize to Buttons and join Brain's team.

Wa'o's adventure 13 Wa'o manages to get out of the famine and is called Wakko again just like Yakko is like that
Point's showdown 14 The entire team faces Point.

It ends in the next chapter

Point's end...

Dot's reboot

15 Point is defeated and Dot is reborn as a tender girl and everything returns to normal.
The reboot Extra Now shows the new life of the Warner brothers who are no longer locked in the tank because they showed confidence.

Pinky leaves the psychiatric hospital due to Brain's potion. Mindy makes her passport and goes to live in Denmark where she will study at the university. R.TA 2 and Runt become friends again and that's how it ends.