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Animaniacs: The Proto-Warners Strikes Back is an American-Canadian animated TV special that will air November 26, 2020 on HBO Max



Note: It is unknown what the full story is like but a old man came to explain about the reels related to the story.

The video reel was a minute long, The theme song was about a Country music track and a cowboy said The Proto-Warners are back!  It was very impressed, Wacky than said.. Hello! I'm hiding, can you find me?

The rest of the video was blurry after that, When Yakky appeared.. he created some kind of mask to scare Smacky, Wacky said something to Dot recreation to this.

Voice Cast[]



Animation work on this TV special has been outsourced to Yowza! Animation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The characters looked more close to the original character model sheets and the traditional hand-drawn animation looked more similar to Disney.

This special is made with a higher production value than standard television animation; it had a higher cel count than most TV cartoons. Animaniacs characters often move fluidly, and do not regularly stand still and speak, as in other television cartoons.


"Animaniacs: The Proto-Warners Strikes Back" utilized a heavy musical score for an animated TV special, like the TV show "Animaniacs" itself. It used a 35-piece orchestra, and was scored by a team of six composers, led by supervising composer Richard Stone. The composing team included Steve and Julie Bernstein, Carl Johnson, J. Eric Schmidt, Gordon Goodwin and Tim Kelly.