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Animaniacs: The Movie is an upcoming 2018 live action-animated musical adventure comedy film directed by Michael Dowse (Goon, It's All Gone Pete Tong, Take Me Home Tonight) and produced by Steven Spielberg (Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial). The film will be released on December 26, 2018 (a Fan idea).


In the 1930s, a group of cartoonists try to come up with the idea of a trio of cartoon stars. One animator comes up with an idea with the king and queen of AnvilLand having to deal with their crazy children, the Warner brothers & sister. The oldest, Yakko, the same height as Bugs Bunny, carries anvils because he is the heir to the throne. The youngest twins, Wakko, the same height as Buster Bunny, carries a giant wooden mallet, which he uses because of his reflexes, and Dotty (or Dot, for short), the same height as Babs Bunny, carries sticks of dynamite because of her anger issues.

However, when the characters are being drawn, they escape the drawing, and run amuck. They are caught by security, the executives then drain the water tower and lock the trio there, and right before the trio is locked up, their parents make Yakko promise to take care of Wakko & Dot.

Soon it's New Years Eve 1999, and the Warners keep using their stuff to escape, but they fail. Yakko gets an idea to move an all their stuff to one side, their plan works and the Warners escape.

The scene now changes to the alternate year of 2008, where the population of California is full of various cartoons and animated movie & TV stars. Kevin Jackson, an MIT college graduate, is hired as a security guard at Warner Bros. by Thaddeus J. Plotz. When Kevin meets the head of security, Ralph, he warns him about the Warners. A man, named Dr. Otto Scratchansniff also warns him that they have escaped. They almost get caught, but they drop an anvil on Ralph's head. The siblings then try to drive Dr. Scratchansniff crazy (The Monkey Song).

The next day, Kevin catches the Warners, but they distract him by throwing away his hat. When he finds his hat, he see the Warners looking for their parents. Kevin explains to them that their parents have died a long time ago. The trio is depressed until Dr. Scratchansniff comes by and tells Kevin to lock them and the water tower. On the way to the tower, Yakko, Wakko, & Kevin fall in love with the studio nurse, Olivia (Hello Nurse). After he locks them in, he slips them a note that says they are going to escape the next day.

Meanwhile, Fred Hauser, the former head of the Warner Bros., visits Plotz to force him to make him the head of the studio again. But when Plotz refuses. Fred uses a device that holds sleeping powder. He injects a pound into Plotz, which knocks him out, he then takes over the studios with his own entourage of security guards by locking the gates on the non-cartoons and imprisoning the Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons.

Upon hearing Fred's actions, Kevin breaks out the Warners, but he almost stops this because they keep arguing (I'm Mad). Fred makes Ralph go after Kevin to get the Warners. While hiding from Ralph and Hauser security, Kevin asks the Warners where they want to go, and Yakko goes over all the countries (Yakko's World).

When they decide to go to London, Ralph suddenly catches them. The three hide while Kevin gives himself up. Ralph & Kevin are about to drive back, when the three start to drive away. Ralph realizes they are leaving when Wakko turns on the radio. Ralph chases them in a high-speed chase, but they get away.

Ralph come back to the studio, and finds Plotz tied up and unconscious. Fred orders Ralph to come on his side (We're Taking Over) and tranquilizers Dr. Scratchensniff. He hires two of his best employers, Chris Goldthwait, Mickey Frewer and two brothers called "The Twins" to collect all the Animaniacs for Warner Bros, and gives them tranquilizer blasters and the device with sleeping power because they are scattered across the country.

Elsewhere, the Warners accidentally crash the car into a tree that belongs to Slappy, a former 1960s cartoon star, and her nephew, Skippy. Slappy gets angry at first, but Skippy lets them stay for the night as they explain on what happened at Warner Bros.

The Next Morning, The trio meet her neighbor, a mink named Minerva who gives them enough holiday equipment for their journey. The three hit the road later. But after they leave, Goldthwait & Frewer and the Twins kidnap Slappy & Minerva, but Skippy escapes them.

The trio run into a cat and dog named Rita & Runt, two homeless cartoons. They ask if they know anyone who can help, they tell them to look in Acme Labs, a nearby factory which make inventions.

They go there and find two mice named Pinky and The Brain, the two need metal for their machine that can help them rule the world, so they can do some good in the world, and Yakko gives them an anvil. Brain has a machine that can transport anyone anywhere. Something goes wrong, and they end up in New York instead of London.

At the studio, Olivia finds Fred with the captured Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons. He decides too many people have seen this and tries to neutralize her but she uses her kung fu skills to escape. Fred locks the unlucky characters in the studio vault and almost attacks Olivia when he catches up to her, but Kevin finds him and knocks him out.

When they brake out the cartoons, Fred threatens to shoot them. Plotz, who finally wakes up after days, is forced to sign the studio over to him. Meanwhile, the Warners find themselves in Times Square, and Dot takes over a billboard where the she start to sing (I'm Cute). Much to Yakko and Wakko's annoyance

The Warners find three criminal pigeons called the Goodfeathers plan threaten to use them for Thanksgiving if they don't show them the way to the airport. Elsewhere, Goldthwait & Frewer kidnap Rita & Runt and take them to their truck. While the Twins alongside Fred's hit-squad of cartoon animal henchmen go to Acme Labs, where they kidnap Pinky & the Brain.

They accidentally transport themselves to New York, where they kidnap the Goodfeathers. The Warners are already on a plane to London, and when Goldthwait & Frewer get there, they are forced to wait at the airport for the plane to come back. On the plane, Wakko asks Yakko about what's out there (Yakko's Universe).

The Warners finally get to London, but Goldwait & Frewer get there and chase the Warners into Big Ben. They shoot Yakko & Wakko with a sleeping dart, but Dot gets away and meets a girl called Mindy and her overprotective dog Buttons where they have a heart-to-heart talk about how it's like to move on from family after Mindy explains that she ran away from her own to set of on her own advventures and also says that her parents miss her despite a babysitter and his sidekicks efforts.

The cartoon henchmen catch up Dot and uses a rifle filled with extreme sleeping power to knock her out while Mindy and Buttons escape thier grasp. Yakko & Wakko wake up 30 minutes later and find themselves trapped in the gears of Big Ben, they free themselves before they meet their doom.

However, they find Dot asleep, and they can't wake her up, the three get back to Burbank where Dot manages to wake up and Fred is now the head of Warner Bros. The Warners see that the Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons and the rest of the Animaniacs are in cages and Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are trapped in a machine called "Dip Mark 2" that can melt cartoon characters, Explaining what happened to the parents of the Warners, years ago.

The Warners find Kevin, Olivia, Plotz & Dr. Scratchansniff locked in the water tower guarded by the henchmen and free them once they use their physics to make them get tied up in a knot. They free the imprisoned cartoons and manage to open the gates to the non-cartoons to which they charge in to overpower Fred's goons.

Ralph battles Goldwait & Frewer, where they are armed with chainsaw swords and daggers while Ralph is armed with a steel fire axe, but they get away in the studio helicopter with Fred and the Twins after Ralph slips over during their fight. The Warners are able get in the helicopter before it takes off and snatch the papers from Fred. He uses two of the devices filled with sleeping powder trying to knock them out again, however they go onto the roof of the studio.

Fred goes after them, but Katie Ka-Boom appears and with help of the Warners, fights Fred in her monster form. Yakko then drops an anvil on his head, Wakko beats him cartoonishly with a hammer, and Dot puts a TNT stick in his pants that makes him fly into space when it blows up. Goldthwait & Frewer are arrested when the chopper runs out of fuel and the Twins are sentenced to life behind bars with the henchmen, the rest of the characters praise the success of the Warners.

The film ends with Yakko spinning "The Wheel of Morality" and the moral is "Never ask what hot dogs are made of", and all the cartoon characters sing "Here Come The Warners".

A mid-credits scene shows Mindy and Buttons returning to their family while Rita does Porky Pig's infamous line alongside Runt as the film irises out.


Voice CastEdit


  1. Animaniacs Theme Song (Remix) - Will Smith ft Macklemore
  2. ABC (End Titles) - Jackson 5
  3. Hello Nurse - Wakko Warner
  4. The Monkey Song - Jim Carrey
  5. I'm Mad - Shia LaBeouf ft The Warners
  6. Yakko's World - Yakko Warner ft Miley Cyrus
  7. Return of the Mack (Animaniacs Version) - The Cartoon Henchmen
  8. I'm Cute - The Warners ft Snoop Dogg and Taylor Swift
  9. Yakko's Universe - The Warners ft Daft Punk and Robbie Williams
  10. Here Come The Warners - The Characters ft Maroon 5
  11. We're Taking Over - Tom Cruise
  12. Jungle Boogie - Kool & the Gang
  13. Animaniacs Theme Song (Bad Version) - Tom Cruise
  14. Independent Toons - Beyonce
  15. My First Day - Shia LaBeouf
  16. Cool as Ice (Everybody Get Loose) - Vanilla Ice ft the Tiny Toons
  17. It's Gonna Be Me - *NSYNC
  18. Stupid Cat (Animaniacs Version) - Jerry Mouse
  19. I Found My Smile Again (Animaniacs Version/Opening Credits) - Rita
  20. Just The Only Two of Us - Victoria Justice
  21. Heartless (Animaniacs Version) - Kanye West ft Slappy Squirrel and the Goodfeathers


Sterling Archer: So, here's the thing - i need to know what you're up too, and you're preventing me from doing that. Now we can do this easy, or we can do it hard. Your call. No? Hard it is, then! [shoots the gate, bullet hits Captain Gutt]
Gutt: AAH!
Sterling Archer: Oh
Brett: God damn it, Archer!

Kevin Jackson: [after landing on Pinkie Pie during the day of his job interview] Sorry, My bad, Thank you!

Fred Hauser: I HATE CARTOONS! [proceeds to escape to the roof]

Applejack: Granny Smith once said, Apples are as good as gold.
Sandy Cheeks: Have you ever tried nuts?

Peter Griffin: [after Fred Hauser blows up] Oh no he didn't!
Sid: Oh, yes he did!
Peter: No he didn't!
Marty: Yes he did!
Peter: No he didn't!
Joe Swanson: Yes he did, Peter! We just saw it!

Kevin Jackson: [to Olivia] Hi
Olivia: Hello
Wakko and Yakko: Hellooooooo, Nurse!
Kevin Jackson: I could have done better.

Katie Ka-Boom: Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Rita: [last lines] Th-Th-Th-That's All Folks! [gasp] It totally did it, Runt!

Slappy Squirrel: [when the end credits role] About Time!

Buck: Question: Who do you refer Rudy too?
Lisa Simpson: Err... Moby Dick
Ned Flanders: Diddly doo
Tom Green: Whatever!

Sterling Archer: [after a huge altercation among non-toons] Alright, Shut up! I'm now psychic but all that matters is seeing on what's going on in there. If its a bomb threat or a hostage taking, Ill be darned [shoots the gate again, bullet this time hits Bart Simpson]
Bart Simpson: OW!
Sterling Archer: S***!
Bender: Darn it, Archer!
Squidward Tentacles: Grr, I wanna practice my clarinet after this is over...
Mr. Krabs: ...and no more "bad words"

Homer Simpson: [spying on Fred Hauser as he and his crew work on a deadly weapon] Look at this, Fred is creating a machine that'll... kill us all but only if we are animated!
Brian Griffin: This is doesn't look good
Rainbow Dash: No way! I'm not gonna get hurt by that goo.
Patrick Star: Me either! [begins crying]

Dot Warner: Have you seen our parents? We've been missing them for a long time.
Kevin Jackson: Oh I'm afraid i have bad news, Your mom and dad died since you three weren't around. I was around when I heard about it.
The Warners: [showing sad puppy faces]
Kevin Jackson: Cheer up guys, you don't have to be sad
Yakko Warner: Thanks Mister, you know i still remember that Mummy and Daddy told me to look after my brother and sister, Right?