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Animaniacs: The Interactive Adventure is the first episode of the first season of the rebooted Animaniacs Netflix series that first aired on September 28th 2009.


The episode opens with Pinky and The Brain trying to hack into Warner Brother's Security Office to try and stop the Theme Song from playing but all his attempts fail and Pinky asks "Hey Brain, why are we trying to stop the Theme Song if it plays on almost every episode?" with a barbecued Brain replying "Just let it play Pinky, just let it play" as the Theme Song finally begins.

After the Theme Song we cut to a title card reading "The special interactive adventure. Directed yours truly by Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner. The episode begins with the warners in their Water Tower descussing weither to stay inside and do nothing today or go outside and go on a adventure.


Yakko replied to your choice by saying "Well sibs, looks like we're having a lazy Saturday today!" with Wakko suddenly replying with "Lazy Saturday's are my favorite say, does anyone have any Kentucky Fried Chicken?". They all sit around on the couch wondering which Channel to pick on their old TV until they come across a channel called "WARNER NETWORK" a network that reruns every single old Warner Brothers cartoon including their old 1993 series. Curious at this Network, Yakko puts his face close to the TV to see if anything interesting or atleast exciting would happen, and turned out it did. His head went inside of the TV as he looked at the Cartoon world around him in awe. He then motioned for his sibs to come inside the TV with him saying "Come on sibs, I know you're all scared to come in here because you don't quite trust this place yet but let me tell you, it's like paradise in here!".

The two siblings went inside of the TV only to find a Cartoon Paradise just like their older brother said lying in wait for them. The contents of this cartoonish paradies were "Bug Bunny's Fantastical Wonderland!", Daffy's Barf-A Coaster", "Yakko's Learn-A-Lot", "Brain's Wolrd-O Coaster" and "pinky's Dumb Machicne". The siblings first tried out Bug Bunny's Fantastical Wonderland and actually met Bugs himself and Yakko first went to "Daff'ys Bard-A Coaster"