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Animaniacs: Hollywood Hypnotics is an action game for the Game Boy Advance, published by SWING Entertainment and developed by Full Fat. The game is based on the cartoon series Animaniacs.


Tonight, Brain's plan for global domination involves turning the Warner Bros. Water Tower into a rocket in order to launch a satellite into space, which he will use to transmit the sound of a big, barking dog to every home on the planet. No one will be able to sleep. Neighbors will be continually yelling at each other to "Keep that dog quiet". In the ensuing chaos, Brain will step in and take over the world!

Brain waits for the Warner Bros. and the Warner Sister, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to escape from their water tower to begin implementing his scheme. To keep the staff and actors working at the movie lot from interfering with his plan, Brain, with the help of Pinky, sets up hidden speakers all over the studio, which emit strange and eerie hypnotic sounds. This will cause all the actors and crew members in the various sound stages to believe that they actually are the people they are playing and live in the time periods of the movie they are shooting. Further, Brain instructs Ralph the guard, under the hypnotic spell, to guard the entrance to the water tower and keep everyone out!

For some reason, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are immune to the hypnotic sounds. They can't understand why Ralph is acting so weird and won't let them back into the water tower. Walking around the lot, they accidentally uncover the hypnotic speakers and they now plot to help the staff and actors get free from their trances by destroying the speakers. 


The game takes place in an isometric world. Characters from the Animaniacs cartoon series occur in the game, but the story and the stages are completely new. 

The game features four main worlds, which can be entered in any order. The player must reach the end of each level and beat the boss to find one of the speakers and destroy it. A fifth world will then open to obtain a final speaker. After clearing all five worlds, players travel to the final level where they must fight Pinky and the Brain. Players control Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, switching control between them to use their respective powers accordingly. Yakko uses a paddleball to stun enemies and is also able to push and pull objects such as crates. Wakko uses a mallet which can be used to hit switches, break certain objects, and light fuses. Dot is able to blow kisses which, when used on certain characters, triggers certain actions needed to progress.

The Warner Brothers and Sister have health indicators and a number of lives. The lives can be increased by obtaining either 100 stars or obtaining a small golden form of their faces. Their health is indicated by their faces on the top left of the screen. When they smile, they are healthy, but when they are looking either tired, unhappy, or weak, then they should find health soon (which is found in the form of several forms of ice cream or sweets or other kinds of food). The levels are timed.