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Jeff Sumner as Yakko Warner

Danny Stiles as Wakko Warner

Natalie Saint-Martin as Dot Warner

Douglas Ladnier as Brain

Ralph Valencia as Pinky

Jokes & References[]

Raise the roof!


"Animaniacs Theme Song"

"Pinky and The Brain Theme Song"

"What Are We?"

"Yakko's World"

"Variety Speak"

"I Am the Very Model of a Cartoon Invidual"

"The Senses Song"

"Wakko's America"

"I'm Cute"

"Yakko's Universe"

"I'm Mad"

"Put a Brain in the White House"

"Pinky and The Brain Theme Song (Reprise)"

"Celebration ("The Senses Song", "Yakko's Universe" and "Pinky and The Brain Theme Song (Finale)")"

"Curtain Call" ("Yakko's World", "Pinky and the Brain Theme Song" and "Animanics Theme Song")


adventure, mystery and romance.

exotic locations, meetable characters and a dissipation from the audience.

Question #1: "Hello!".

Question #2: snoring sound.

Question #3: raising their hands and "Me, me, me, me, me!".

"ooh" and "ahh".


audio effects from old cartoons (Warner Bros.) and Hanna Barbera cartoons.

Steven and Chris as Theddess' security guards.

Batman, dog, Transformer.

some masters are nice like Mickey Mouse, and some masters are not nice like the Godfather.

Ricky was a crazy wacky noise maker.

The wish noise was "hee-haw, hee-haw!".

Alan and Rebbecca teach Yakko, Wakko and Dot how to diaper themselves.

roster and alarm clock.

Joey and Ryan pretended to be Brain's henchmen named Larry and Zippo.

a big screen TV with 4000 video games.

Six Flags.

Kids' WB