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African Adventures is a fan-made episode of Animaniacs.


A pride of lions and a rhinoceros seperate Yakko and Dot from Wakko and Dr. Scratchnsniff during their African vacation. Yakko and Dot get found by gorillas. Meanwhile, Pinky and Brain try not to get crushed by a giraffe or any other animal, Rita and Runt are looking for food, Buttons tries to get Mindy away from the dangers of Africa, and Slappy and Skippy are trying to find a perfect tree to sleep in for the night.


Dr. Scratchnsniff, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Pinky, Brain, Rita, Runt, Mindy, Mindy's mom, Buttons, Slappy, and Skippy are going to the Acme Airport to go to Africa. The Warners were bouncing up and down in their seats, excited about going to Africa. The flight attendent tells the Warners to stop bouncing in their seats, and they did. The airplane took off. Buttons had Mindy in his mouth to keep her from wandering off to the cockpit and messing up the controls, which would cause the airplane to crash. Rita and Runt were taking some food from the airline food cart to eat. Pinky and Brain were trying to sit under a person sitting in his seat without getting crushed by his feet. Slappy was trying to find a good program on their TV that wouldn't traumatize Skippy like last time when he watched Bumbie and Old Yellow.

13 hours later, the airplane landed in Africa. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot took Dr. Scratchnsniff and they bounded out of the airplane. A man welcomed them to Africa and showed them their safari jeep they will be riding in. He welcomes Slappy and Skippy when they come out of the airplane and showed them their jeep. When the jeeps drive off, another airplane comes in. Candie Chipmunk comes out of the airplane and deicdes to go sleep in a tree because of that 13 hour trip, unaware that Slappy is already in Africa.

The Warners' and Dr. Scratchnsniff's jeep and Slappy and Skippy's jeep were rolling around the terrain of the savannah. They were taking pictures of elephants, giraffes, hornbills, and colobus monkeys. When Slappy and Skippy's jeep comes over to the Warners' and Dr. Scratchnsniff's jeep, the Warners leap into their jeep to mess around with Slappy. A pack of jackals see what looks like fun and leap into Slappy and Skippy's jeep. Dr. Scratchnsniff tries to get the Warners back to him until Slappy kicks them out of her jeep back into their own jeep. The jackals quickly run out of Slappy and Skippy's jeep.

Pinky and Brain are coming out of the airplane and run away from some of the people coming out and almost stepping on them. They go to a shrub to take a nap in. Suddenly, a giraffe appears and steps on Pinky's hand. He runs away from the shrub, holding his hand. Brain quickly follows Pinky as the giraffe eats the shrub. Pinky and Brain lie down on the ground looking at shapes in the clouds. Suddenly, they hear some rumbling in the ground. A big African buffalo is running towards them. They try to run away, but the buffalo crushes their backs. Brain then gets an idea. He will build an invention that brainwashes the animals to no longer squash them anymore. He then started building his invention.

Rita and Runt were walking around the savannah and they spot a big herd of zebras. They decide to go to them to hang out with them. Suddenly, loud growling can be heard and the zebras run away. As Brain was building his invention, the zebras crush him, Pinky, and his invention. It was Rita and Runt's stomachs. They weren't filled up all the way. They needed more food to eat. They wandered around looking for food. They spot some berries in a bush and they try to eat them, but the branches in the bush were to prickly. Then they spotted an antelope and they try to hunt it down, but the antelope is too fast for them to catch up.

Meanwhile, Buttons was looking after Mindy while her mother was gone to unpack the suitcases back on the airplane. Mindy then spots the herd of zebras running to her and tries to get into the herd. Buttons races into the zebras to rescue Mindy from getting crushed under the hooves. Buttons grabs her and throws her away from the zebras, but then he gets trampled by the zebras himself.           

Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Dr. Scratchansniff, Slappy, and Skippy see the zebras running right in front of them and they drive off after them. Suddenly, when they got the perfect pictures, their jeeps run out of gas. They were stuck in the brush. They get out of their jeeps and decide to go walking around looking for more animals. Rita and Runt were still looking for food and then they see a big hunk of meat lying down on the ground. They run to it. Suddenly, a pride of lions appear looking angry at Rita and Runt. They run away and hide in the tall grass, bumping into Slappy and Skippy. Slappy and Skippy run off when they see the lions coming. Rita and Runt move out of the way. One of the lions runs out of the tall grass to attack a rhinoceros, who charges after it and its pride. Then they started running towards the Warners and Dr. Scratchansniff. They start running away from it. Mindy was riding on Buttons into the brush. When he sees the lions and rhino coming, he throws her off, and he gets bitten by the lions and crushed by the rhino. The lions grab Yakko and Dot, who struggle to get away. They fly around in the pride of lions. They  get shot out onto the rhino's back. The rhino then throws them off of his back. Yakko and Dot fly into the jungle. Suddenl, some gorillas find them, and start dragging them somewhere.

Wakko and Dr. Scratchansniff stop running. Wakko wipes the sweat off of his forehead and throws it on an angry elephant, who walks away in anger.