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Adam is a Warnerstockian and a Canadian who has a strange power of controlling and manifesting light and darkness and some amnesia problems, only remembering his name and who his parents look like.


Adam is an animal-like albino toon, or more notably a "Cabbidog," where his ears are rabbit-like in appearance, his head is somewhat shaped like a young dog's, like the Warners, and his legs and tail are like a cat's. Adam's hair and fur colour is pure white. His back hair hangs downward in many spikes while is upper hair also hangs out in the top front of his head in many spikes. Adam's thin rabbit ears naturally react to most of his emotions, like when he is sad they flop downward. Adam wears a Canadian Leaf shirt with red linings around the base and sleeves, black flexible jeans, and a white vest with golden pockets and silver linings along the base and zipper area.


Adam "Albinova" Warnava was born in 1984 in Acnalaba, Warnerstock to his unknown parents at the time. For reasons unexplained, somehow Adam, still a baby at the time, was sent to Canada through some sorcery that occurred during the Rebellion in Anvilina. In his first few years in Canada, at the age of 15, Adam heard about the Warner siblings and the Animaniacs show, and believed they may hold the answers to his lost memories. He left his Ottawa home and headed on a long trip to Burbank, California, planning to meet the Warners at the right time. When he got to the city, Adam worried that he might draw attention to himself considering he looks similar to the Warners. Then he got an idea. On noon day, Adam will create a circle of light and add some darkness within it to make it look like a portal has opened above Burbank. Then, he'll teleport himself to the top of the portal and fall through it, dispelling it after a few seconds, and continue falling until he lands hard on the ground of Warner Bros. Studios. Chance by then that will make the Warners come to him. At the planned time, Adam put his plan into motion. It works, and Adam pretended to fall asleep till the next morning. [more coming soon]