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Abby and Brittany Yarner
The Yarner Twins

Full name

Abby Yarner (left), Brittany Yarner (right)


69 (both)


Each other (sisters), Tasha Yarner (unused sister)


Warnerstockian (both)


Toon (both)

Hair/Fur color

black (both)


both:"helloooooo!" abby:"can i give you ice cream?" "brittney: sure heheheheh"

Voiced by

ariana grande and Cookie swirl c

Abby and Brittany Yarner are conjoined twin sisters who appear in Zany to the Max and they are hired as 2 headed clowns to join the Yaner circus that was for dot's birthday of Zany to the Max wakko was a bit terrified of them and did not want to fight them off yakko tried to help get abby and brittany Yarner's power back. However, it was all in vain because Wakko chopped off Abby's head with an axe out of fear.


Abby and Brianny Yarner are conjoined twins who were born on March 10, 1996 in Acme Falls, Warnerstock to no one. In 2009, when they were 13 years old, they moved to Acme Acres, California, and began attending Acme Looniversity, which they graduated from in 2012 after absorbing several student souls, at which time they were drawn up at the Warner Bros. studio, where they appeared in Zany to the has been best friends with them forever yakko and wakko hanged out with them two. Soon it was revealed that Abby and Brittany were an evil entity brought forth from Hades, with the intention to steal the souls of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. Under the ruse of a clown, they marched into Dot Warner's birthday party and went to attack. Yakko managed to cut off Brittany's head but it only grew into three more. The Warners fled, leaving Brittany and Abby without the souls they oh so craved. Later they were approached by Salazar and kept as a pet in his dungeon, where Jot Warner was sacrificed to them and they absorbed her life essence.