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A Table for Three was the first segment of the first episode of the first season of The Warners, and You! and, serves as the first initial segment for Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (segment since Episode 59 of the original series. It is the first overall episode and segment aired. It aired on September 4th, 2008.

Segment Synopsis:[]

When the Warners eat out at the biggest restaurant in town Joey Seinfeld & Sons, they order a table for three, and things go wary.

Theme Song Last Line:[]

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: Back Again-ey!


The Segment opens with Wakko, who had just woken up from a good night's rest. He attempts to wake his siblings up by pulling various cartoon gags such as dropping an anvil on top of a bunk-bed, attempting to make the floor break, pulling out a giant mallot and waking his siblings senseless, and even running all around their bunk-bed. When all of his plans fail, he eventually goes downstairs and puts on some "High quality family entertainment!". When he sees the commercial for the brand new restaurant that's opened up, he runs off and tells his siblings, thus leading to the Theme Song (2008-2010 versions). After the Theme Song, we cut to Yakko, Wakko, and Dot in the car as Doctor Scratchnsniff pulls up to the car and drives them to the new restaurant.

On the way there, they point at exciting things they see out of their windows. When they finally arrived, they hopped out of the car, ordered some food, and also ordered a table for three. The Waiter just looked at them funny, he then went on to say that there wasn't even a table that could hold three people.

The Warners all looked at eachother and started smacking eachother senseless until The Waiter stops them from hurting themselves further, and comments that there's table all around the restaurant that they could sit in. The Warners turn to the camera and talk about why they even bothered to do this segment, before the screen closes to black and ends the segment.





Doctor Scratchnsniff

The Waiter

Various Other Customers

Character Cameos:[]

Pinky: Seen on top of a rock

Brain: Also seen on top of a rock

The Goodfeathers: Seen on top of the roof of the restaurant

Chicken Boo: Seen in the background

Slappy Squirrel: Seen with the other customers at the restaurant


The license plate number on the car the Warners drive in is "1993HU", which may be a reference to the start date of the original Animanaics series, and its Hulu pickup.

This is the first time Lucy Providence would make an on-screen cameo until the Season 4 finale.

This segment would mark the final time in Animanaics history that Slappy Squirrel wouldn't make her on-screen debut again until Season 3.

This episode was originally going to include the story-arc where Ralph.T Guard was going to actually quit his harmful ways and start a band, but this story-arc was ultimately scrapped.

This episode was originally going to be the second produced episode of the series, but was pushed to being the first episode aired either due to time contraints, or not enough staff was available the day the episode was produced at the time.