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The theme song for "Mission Impossible" (particularly the 1996 version) is used for an opening segment before the theme song, which plays before "From Burbank with Love", keeping true to the spy theme for Episode 87. The Danny Elfman version is used for the opening segment, later, the U2 version would be used for the opening montage cutscene from "Animaniacs: Game Pack" as Yakko, Wakko, Dot, and Background Singer start their day, including Wizard Waldo.


From "Animaniacs"[]

Danny Elfman's theme

From "Animaniacs Game Pack"[]

Final opening (U2)

U2 version of the score

U2 version of the score without the record scratch

Alternate opening (Danny Elfman)

Alternate opening without SFX at the end (Danny Elfman)